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Our Top Bathroom Trends for 2021

We are keen to put 2020 behind us and look ahead to the New Year, we took a look at some of our favorite bathroom trends to keep an eye on in 2021. Take a look at our latest trends predictions for 2023 and beyond


New Neutrals

The neutral tones in 2020, are expanding into 2021. With many people looking for a neutral colour palette to carry throughout their entire home. The key to the overall look is combining colours that compliment each other, whilst providing a variety of texture, tone and depth in the materials used. From contemporary clay and carbon to traditional colours of taupe, mocha and pewter. All combine well with Dulux colour of the Year, Brave Ground, bringing a neutral backdrop to be paired with warmer tones of mink, natural wood textures and soft accessories.

Vetro white lifestyle bathroom furniture square

Natural Materials

With Brave Ground leading the way as the new neutral, the addition of natural materials in to your bathroom space can bring the outdoors in to your home. Utilizing wood features, textured rattan and terracotta accessories accentuates the warmth and comfort that can be brought to your bathroom. Create a focal point with a feature wall of wood paneling or wooden bathroom furniture to showcase your space. Small additions of baskets, terracotta vases and indoor plants can truly bring the outdoors into your home.

Fluted Designs

A big trend carrying forward into 2021 across tiles, wall paneling and cabinet details, is a fluted design or ribbed pattern. The look can be created using ribbed tiles or if you are looking to inject natural texture, wood paneling offers a great alternative. For more of an art deco look, fluted designs are staring to emerge in some glass ware and basin designs.

Terrific Terrazzo

One of our favourite trends, is Terrazzo. The nougat like pattern allows bathroom design to be playful yet elegant. The splatters of colour allow your creativity to run wild, whether used as your initial inspiration to base your bathroom around or a small feature of tiles to brighten a bland wall. Terrazzo isn’t going away and we can’t wait to see more of it.

Aruba Fitted Furniture Washed Oak lifestyle v1

Colour is back

Colour is certainly on the agenda for 2021

The explosion of vibrance can be seen across all areas interior and home design. In terms of how this is emulated in bathroom design, bright coloured tiles and bold wall paper is splashing its way onto bathroom walls. Why not combine warm neutral tones with a statement pop of colour such as Orange, to bring all the elements together. Ca’ Pietra’s new collection of Navajo Fox tiles provide a geometric shape in a selective of Coral, Fox, Denim, Charcoal and Blush Rose colours. Or if you are looking for more of an elaborative design, why not consider a bold wall paper.

Pantone Colours of 2021

A key indicator of colour influences for the year ahead, is the Pantone Colour of the Year. For 2021, the pairing of Pantone 17-5104 Ultimate Gray and Pantone 13-0647 Illuminating, stand independently whilst simultaneously enhancing each other. The two colours selected are used to reflect the mood and the intent for the year ahead. The practical and pebble-like security of Pantone 17-5104 Ultimate Gray contrasts beautifully with the optimistic and sunshine colour of Pantone 13-0647 Illuminating. These colours aim to evoke feelings of thoughtfulness and give resilience and hope into 2021.

Pink & Green

We know that most of you will run a mile at the thought of pink but trust us, you will see more of this in 2021. Softer pastel tones are associated with a calming and serene environment. Pairing soft pink with a contrasting darker leaf green creates the perfectly balanced bathroom colour palette. The dark green emulates tropical leaves whilst the softer pink tones mimic a pink sunset, transporting you to a relaxing land far far away. Tidewater Green is set to be a colour trending into 2021, inspired by the ebbs and flows of the tides and season, the balanced green and blues hues makes a striking green alternative. Sitting across green-blue, this teal sits slightly closer towards green and gets its depth from a grey undertone.

Make a statement

A trend that has remained consistent is statement decorative pieces, often alongside bold colours and intricate patterns. Intricate tiles are the perfect way to get involved with this trend and can work effortlessly with both traditional and contemporary design pieces. Often uplifting and modernising a traditional space or injecting fun into a minimalist space. It’s not a secret, our statement colour in a lot of our ranges is blue which marries perfectly with a bold statement tile.

Modern with Vintage

More now than ever, combining vintage pieces with modern innovative is becoming more popular. It enables you to create a bathroom space that is individual to you. Bringing more of a living room feel to your bathroom space. Mix vintage wall art or ornate chairs with the modern sleek lines of contemporary basins and showers, to create a more eclectic look.

Modern Country

Associated with renovation projects and preserving the characteristics of country properties, the modern country trend pairs traditional features with modern innovation. Often identified within a piece of furniture, such as our Burford Fitted Furniture range which provides traditional country styling with a modern touch. Or on a larger scale a stone wall can create an impressive feature, or exposing beams in a high ceiling family bathroom. This trend suits bathrooms of all sizes.

Burford coinstone door open detail