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Black Bathroom Lights

Beautifully lit bathrooms

Our extensive range of black bathroom lights effortlessly blend practicality with modern aesthetics. With both fluted and globe lighting styles to choose from, our lighting range adds instant impact to your bathroom. With several styles of black ceiling lights available, as well as black wall lights and sconces, add a graphic element to your bathroom with lighting fixtures that are IP44-rated and bathroom-safe. Whether you're drawn to the intricacy of our fluted designs or the minimalist appeal of our globe lights, our collection is designed to ensure your bathroom benefits from effective lighting and a modern, stylish ambiance.

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Black Ceiling Lights

Sleek & modern

Create a centerpiece in your bathroom with our black ceiling lights, available in both frosted glass globe light styles as well as more contemporary fluted pendant light options. Coordinate your black ceiling lights with our range of matt black bathroom accessories or black brassware to create a unified and cohesive bathroom scheme.

Ceiling lights

Black Mirror Lights

For function & form

Slim and streamlined, our modern black illuminated mirrors are available in a wide selection of sizes and styles, giving you maximum design flexibility. With a choice of diffused overhead light or framed illumination, our innovative designs also feature useful details such as dimmable lighting, heated demister pad and infrared switch for your convenience and ease of use. Our black illuminated mirrors are available in our innovative Loop or Frame mirror ranges. Coordinate your black mirror light with our black wall and ceiling lights, in addition to our black bathroom accessories, shower and taps.

Black Wall Lights

Elevate your walls

Whether styled alone or paired and framing your bathroom mirror, our timeless black wall lights offer light and plenty of style in spades. Available as globe and fluted baton fittings, our wall lights are IP44-rated and suitable for almost all bathroom zones. Complement your black wall lights with our matt black collections of fittings, or coordinate with our matching black ceiling lights to complete your perfect bathroom scheme.

Matt black bathroom lights

Sleek, modern, and offering a bold aesthetic, black-finish lighting styles can stand out as an artistic feature or blend seamlessly with a darker decor. Here's how you can style them:

Contrast with Light Colours

Matte black light fixtures pop against light-colored walls, making them a focal point. They can provide a dramatic contrast in bathrooms with white, light grey, or pastel tones.

Minimalist Approach

For a minimalist bathroom, choose simple, geometric-shaped matte black light fittings. The simplicity of the fixtures complements this aesthetic well.

Luxurious Touch

Combine matte black light fittings with luxurious materials like marble or high-gloss tiles for a sophisticated and modern look.

Warm it up

To ensure the black doesn't make the space feel too cold, add warmth with wooden accents, like a wooden vanity or shelves, or use warm-toned lights.

Consistent Hardware

Coordinate your matte black lights with other elements in the bathroom. Having a consistent hardware color can tie the room together, so consider matching brassware, shower frames, and cabinet handles in matte black.

Accent Lighting

Use matte black spotlights or sconces to highlight specific areas or features in your bathroom, such as art pieces or a beautiful bathtub.

Layered Lighting

Don't rely on a single source of light. Combine overhead lights with sconces or under-cabinet lighting. The matte black finish will look cohesive, but the different layers will add depth to the lighting scheme.

Play with Shapes and Sizes:

Matte black fixtures come in various shapes and sizes. Play with different forms—from pendant lights to recessed lighting—to add interest to the space.

Remember, the key to styling matte black bathroom lights is balancing them within your space so they make a statement without overwhelming the room. Always consider the overall design theme of your bathroom and the ambiance you want to create.