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The Bathroom Trends You Need to Know About in 2023

Bathroom trends 2023

There’s no doubt the bathroom has evolved from a purely functional area within the home to a space with masses of design potential. As a result, interior trends and bathroom trends, in particular, are changing on what seems like a monthly basis. From sorbet-coloured furniture finishes to dramatic gothic brassware, we take a look at the interior trends set to make a lasting impression in 2023 and how use these to kick off your bathroom ideas.


Bathroom trends 2023

Sitting somewhere between the spartan, neutral minimalism of Scandi interiors and a loud, bold and textural maximalist aesthetic, a new and intriguing interior trend is emerging- Danish Pastels. A country with a colourful design history (you need only think of Lego) Danish designers and content creators first pioneered this movement towards pastels in 2021, but it’s only now that the bright and uplifting colour trend is filtering down to livable modern spaces.

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Adding a rosy tint to conventional Nordic design, Danish Pastel interior design is characterised by sorbet colours, curves and abstract, whimsical shapes. Square tiles and grid patterns also form part of the look and add a geometric edge to this feminine aesthetic.

Scheme Light Grey Lifestyle

Embrace this uplifting style in your bathroom with square tiles, terrazzo, novel grouting and colourful finishes. Seafoam greens, warm pinks and clay colours can be paired with matt black brassware for a graphic twist, while bathroom mirrors in pill, oval and circular shapes complete the look.



Bathroom trends 2023

It’s been centuries since the gothic design trends darkened our doorways, but this surprising interior trend is set to gather real momentum in 2023. Cottagecore’s older, more formidible sister, gothcore or Gothic interior design has also been reimagined for the contemporary home with more accessible design elements.

Keswick Brass Shower Lifestyle on
Keswick Brass Shower Head Straight on

Traditionally characterised by ornate details, dark but rich colours, and an emphasis on vertical elements, modern gothic incorporates complementary trends such as industrial and Scandi noir, to create an interior trend that is as refreshing as it is dramatic.

Keswick Brass Valve Detail Wet

Intimidating at first, the modern gothic trend can be utilised in your bathroom by layering dark colours, brass and introducing some linear elements. Opt for black marble with gold veining for an opulent, moody feel and contrast a traditional vanity with simple, modern fixtures for a gothic bathroom look that is certain to outlive the trend. Elements of the gothic aesthetic dominate bathroom trends in 2023, with a resurgence in brushed bronze or brass brassware, matt or dark-toned furniture and the use of rich deep stones.

Widcombe Pewter 1200 Single Curved Unit Top Down Lifestyle Side Portrait v2
Widcombe Pewter 1200 Single Curved Unit Top Down Lifestyle

French Country

Bathroom trends 2023

A look that balances rustic and refined in equal parts, traditionalists will love the weathered luxury that the French country style brings to a bathroom.



Bathroom trends 2023

A Greek bust here, a Venus candle there- our fondness for Hellenistic and Greek decor (or the hellenistic aesthetic) has been gently simmering under the surface of design trends since 2020. Popularised by the Neoclassical movement in the 19th century, modern interpretations of the trend range from the Greek key motifs of the 80s and Versace’s Medusa, to the more subdued, minimalist interiors we see today.

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Simplicity and proportion are the fundamentals of Greek and Roman design, but in tandem with a focus on geometry and linear elements comes a passion for storytelling, myth and the fantastical - making this bathroom trend a continuous play on minimalism and opulence. Polished marble, gold and decorative plasterwork sit alongside natural textures and colours, with lots of room for interpretation.

Thankfully, this luxurious trend is relatively easy to incorporate into your bathroom decor. Opt for warm-toned marbles for your surfaces, gold or brushed brass fittings and textured walls - like limewash or Venetian plaster (more on that later).



A bathroom trend that exudes elegance without feeling too 'overdone', French Country is perfect for those who want to embrace a classic yet relaxed feeling in their home. Taking its references from the surrounding landscape, the style is grounded in the use of natural materials such as wood, stone and aged metals, while the French Country palette varies in tone from chalk white to French grey to earthy pink and sage green. Recreate this refined look in your bathroom by pairing a stately traditional vanity unit with natural walls and pared-back decor.

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Bathroom trends 2023

There was a time when our choice of marble surface was limited to white, grey or Cararra. Certainly, this offering has more than proven its interior credentials, making marble tiles a perennial favourite for bathrooms small and spacious. However, our penchant for pale and neutral marble is bucking in favour of bolder, more dramatic tile trends.

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Always polished and honed, the texture of marble may remain consistent but the colour options are endless. White, neutral crystal base marbles such as Calacatta and Cararra have been given a dramatic twist with the availability of deep black, gold, green and even purple veined stone such as Calcatta Viola, Bianco Lassa and Calacatta Gold, while interior magazines are brimming with coloured base marbles such as Trienna yellow marble, serpentine green and lazulite blue.

While you may not wish to invest in a floor-to-ceiling red marble bathroom, there are simple and impactful ways to incorporate this opulent trend into your bathroom design. Black marble is an especially versatile tile choice that borders on bold without being costly or impractical. Alternatively, consider using coloured marble to create a statement shower space for the best of both worlds.

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Natural Walls

Bathroom trends 2023

Following closely behind the trend for Grecian and Mediterranean decor is a surge in the popularity of limewash walls and textured finishes. Flat, atonal bathroom colours have been replaced by layered surfaces that add warmth and interest, while tiles and grouting have been pushed aside in favour of plastered bathroom walls.

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Most commonly known as ‘limewash’, this textured wall effect can also be achieved with Venetian plaster and Tadelakt wall treatments. While they differ slightly, each of these wall finishes incorporates a natural clay and water mixture that when applied gives your bathroom walls a soft, artisan look and feel. Many 'limewash' paints are available in earthy tones, muted green hues or a neutral color palette to compliment any design choice in particular if you are looking to create spa inspired bathrooms. Colours originate from different nature inspired shades and are often well paired with warm contrasting tones.

Surprisingly cost-effective, why not forgo tiling your bathroom in favour of limewash? With natural anti-bacterial properties, this versatile surface finish is now available in a wide range of colours to suit your interior style.

Burford Juniper Green ISO lifestyle 3

Mixed Era Design

Bathroom Trends 2023

This era-spanning trend combines bold elements from multiple time periods to create a space that feels timeless and accessible. Traditional features like wood panelling, antique furniture, and patterned wallpaper are combined with modern accents in mirrors, brassware, and accessories to create a playful dance between old and new.

Maximalism & Cottagecore

Bathroom trends 2023

Running parallel to the less-is-more minimalist look is a profusion of texture, colour and pattern exemplified by cottagecore and folksy maximalism. Ranging in decor intensity from dainty florals to gaudy neon frills, our preoccupation with all things pastoral has firmly taken hold in the interior design world.

Square Inlay Hampton 575 derwent blue 3 tap hole basin
Harrow Square basin CC pan lifestyle

An idealised representation of country life is the cornerstone of the cottagecore trend, with many adopting either subtle or dramatic interpretations of this style. Look for pretty, feminine colours, scalloped details and vintage items to recreate this popular trend.

Get the cottagecore look in your bathroom by opting for traditional furniture, aged brassware and panelled or wainscoted walls. Duck egg blue, pink and racing green are all colours that exemplify this charming, unique bathroom trend.

Heritage & Chequerboard

Bathroom trends 2023

From chequerboard tiling to half-wall panelling, 2023 is the year of embracing historical design elements. Once subsumed within cottagecore, checks, stripes and chequerboard patterns have emerged as distinct interior trends in their own right. So much so that these retro patterns have evolved beyond home textiles and soft furnishings and into surface and tile trends to adorn your bathroom.

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Widcome 1200 Straight Single Basin Unit Canvas Lifestyle

An interior classic, stripes in 2023 have been reimagined in bolder and more impactful ways for the bathroom. Not only are striped tiles in abundance and used in a variety of configurations, but designers are using vertical tiles to create tiled, pinstripe walls in seaside colours. Chessboard and chequerboard floors can be seen in both bathroom and kitchen design in classic Victorian palettes, while checkered mosaic wall tiles are embracing softer, more feminine colours.

Opting for either a patterned floor or wall is an easy and safe way to bring this playful look into your bathroom. For those on a limited budget, a checkerboard splashback is also a quick and impactful option. Style your pattern tiles with either traditional furniture for a Victorian feel, or opt for a modern vanity for a contemporary take on the look.

Large format tiles: These are tiles that are larger than the traditional 12x12 inch size, and can range from 18x18 inches to even 24x48 inches. These larger tiles can create a sleek and modern look, and can also make small spaces appear larger.

Bold patterns and colours: Tiles with bold patterns and colours can add a statement to any room. For example, geometric patterns in a contrasting colors can add a dramatic look to a kitchen backsplash or a bathroom wall.

Mixed materials: Incorporating different types of tiles with various textures and patterns can create a unique and dramatic look. For instance, pairing a glossy ceramic tile with a rough-hewn stone tile, or mosaic tile with subway tile, to make a space more visually interesting.

Textured tiles: Tiles that have a more distinctive and distinct surface, like those with 3D effect, raised patterns or irregular shapes, can create a more dramatic and noticeable look.

Statement flooring: Large-scale flooring patterns and use of unexpected materials, such as wood-look or metallic tiles, can create a dramatic and unique focal point in a bathroom or kitchen. Overall, dramatic tile trends offer endless possibilities to create a visually striking space, with many homeowners choosing to make a statement with their tile selections.


Real bathrooms, real bathroom design.

See our products in situ and get inspired for your bathroom project. From traditional designs to contemporary, colourful projects, there are ideas to suit every dream bathroom.

Textured Walls: Walls that have a more distinctive and distinct surface can create a more dramatic and noticeable look, for instance using a wallpaper with raised patterns or using a paint with a specific finish such as matte, glossy, metallic or shimmering can create a different effect.

Wall-mounted vanities: Wall-mounted vanities can free up floor space and create a sleek and modern look. These vanities can be paired with floating shelves to create a minimalist look, or with built-in storage for a more functional space.

Accent walls: Creating an accent wall using a bold paint colour, patterned tile, or even a mural can add a statement to a bathroom and make it more visually interesting.

Sustainable Materials: Incorporating sustainable materials such as reclaimed wood or bamboo can create a unique and stylish look, while also being eco-friendly.

Nature inspired shades: Neutral colours with a contemporary twist for example, earthy tones or natural stone combined with ambient lighting or backlit mirrors are prominent bathroom colours and are perfect idea for a master bathroom.

Natural Materials: Incorporating natural materials such as stone, brick, or wood into bathroom walls can create a warm and organic feel. These materials can be used as an accent wall, or throughout the entire bathroom to create a cohesive look.


Real bathrooms, real bathroom design.

See our products in situ and get inspired for your bathroom project. From traditional designs to contemporary, colourful projects, there are ideas to suit every dream bathroom.