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Bathroom Pendant Lights

Beautifully lit bathrooms

Pendant light fittings are a wonderful way to introduce character and individuality to your bathroom lighting scheme, particularly when combined with other lighting options such as wall lighting and other bathroom ceiling lights. Available in both fluted baton light and globe light fittings, our bathroom pendant lights offer illumination and style in spades. With brass and matt black finishes to choose from.

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Smart Bathroom Pendant Lights

Intuitive lighting solutions

Elevate your bathroom lighting with intuitive smart bathroom lighting solutions. All of our bathroom pendants are available with the option of Wiz connectivity to schedule your lighting, control your lighting remotely, or set your bathroom lighting in tune with your daily routine. Our smart bathroom pendants feature light temperature-changing technology, voice activation and seamless integration with your choice of smart speaker.

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Globe Bathroom Pendant Lights

Modern classics

The perfect way to introduce a decorative touch to your bathroom lighting scheme, our opal glass globe bathroom lighting pendants offer a timeless appeal that effortlessly blends with various interior designs, from modern to traditional. Our globe lights provide a soft, diffused light that minimally shadows, making them ideal for creating a warm, inviting ambiance in any space. Our globe lights are available in both brass and matt black finishes and can be easily adjusted to suit your ceiling height for ease of installation.

Matt Black Bathroom Pendant Lights

Contemporary & chic

Add a graphic element to your bathroom design with our matt black finish pendant lights, available in both reeded pendant styles and glass globe styles. Pair with your choice of complementary matt black brassware and matt black accessories to complete your bathroom design.

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Fluted Bathroom Pendant Lights

Texture & detail

Our streamlined baton bathroom pendants feature delicate fluting detail to add texture to your bathroom scheme and provide a bright downlight to illuminate your space. Available in both brass and matt black finishes, style your bathroom pendant lights alone as a centerpiece or install two pendants together for a striking look. We recommend combining your bathroom pendant light with other bathroom light fixtures such as downlights and strip lights to create a cohesive and ambient lighting scheme.

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Brass Bathroom Pendant Lights

Warm & luxurious

An enduring finish that works beautifully in contemporary and classic bathroom lighting schemes, our brass ceiling lights feature an opal glass globe fitting and brass suspension or are also available in a striking fluted brass baton pendant light style. Pair with your choice of complementary brassware, brass mirrors and brass accessories to complete your bathroom design.

Choosing a bathroom pendant light involves a blend of aesthetic appeal and functional considerations. Here's how to select the perfect pendant lighting for your bathroom:

Understand the Purpose

Determine what the primary function of the pendant light will be. Is it for ambient lighting, task lighting over a vanity, or accent lighting to highlight a specific area? Knowing this will guide your choice of style, size, and material.

Consider the Bathroom's Overall Style

The pendant light should complement the existing decor. Whether your bathroom has a modern, traditional, rustic, or luxurious spa-like environment, choose a pendant that enhances and coheres with the overall design theme. Our pendant lights are available in both brass and matt black finishes to complement your interior design style.

Size and Proportion

Consider the scale of the pendant light in relation to the space. A pendant light that's too small may get lost in a large bathroom, while a pendant light that's too large can overwhelm a small space. Also, consider ceiling height; pendants should hang at an appropriate height without obstructing movement or sight lines. You may want to combine two pendant lights to create a striking centerpiece in your bathroom.

Lighting Quality

The quality of light is crucial in a bathroom. Opt for pendants that offer sufficient brightness without being harsh. The use of frosted or tinted glass can diffuse light, providing a soft glow that's ideal for a relaxed atmosphere.

Safety First

Bathrooms are humid environments, and safety is a paramount concern. Ensure the pendant light is rated for bathroom use and meets the required IP (Ingress Protection) standards for exposure to moisture. This is especially important if the pendant light is to be placed near a shower or bathtub. All of our pendant lights are at a minimum IP44 rated, allowing you to use them in multiple bathroom zones.


Choose a pendant light that can be adjusted in height. This feature allows you to change the light's position based on your changing needs or preferences. All of our pendant lights feature an adjustable cord to suit both high and low ceiling heights.

Multiple Light Sources

In larger bathrooms, consider using multiple pendant lights to achieve balanced lighting. This can be particularly effective over double vanities or alongside mirrors. Consider pairing your pendant light with one or more of our bathroom lighting solutions - from bathroom downlights to mirror lights and bathroom strip lights.