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Modern Farmhouse Bathrooms

Bathroom trends

Tap into country living with a bathroom that effortlessly blends tradition with a clean, modern aesthetic. By choosing modern farmhouse style for your bathroom, you can create a space that is both charming and timeless. Start with simple, smartly tailored traditional bathroom furniture in classic finishes such as heritage green, slate grey, or off-white. These colours evoke a sense of timeless elegance while remaining fresh and contemporary. Pair these pieces with warm yet understated brassware and hardware, which are designed to endure through the years, adding both functionality and style to your space.

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Modern Farmhouse

Bathroom trends

Bring softness to a dark colour and contemporary lines with open shelving, a wood interior and warm marble tiling to recreate this charming farmhouse look.

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When it comes to paint and wallpaper, simplicity is key to achieving the modern farmhouse look. Opt for crisp off-whites, navy blues, warm blacks, and heritage green to recreate a clean yet classic aesthetic. These colours provide a neutral backdrop that highlights the traditional elements of the design while maintaining a modern feel. For a touch of charm, consider pinstripe or subtle wallpaper patterns. These designs are understated yet effective, adding a layer of texture and interest without overwhelming the space.

Tiles and surfaces play a crucial role in defining the modern farmhouse bathroom. Square farmhouse tiles with a rustic finish, such as zellige, offer a handcrafted look that adds character and warmth. Wall panelling is another excellent choice, providing a touch of classic farmhouse style. If you're unsure, large format marble in a warm tone can bring a sense of luxury and timelessness to the bathroom. For the floors, hardwood or wood effect tiles work beautifully, offering durability and the cosy aesthetic of natural wood.

Traditional wooden bathroom furniture is a staple of the country bathroom, fitting perfectly into the modern farmhouse theme. Select pieces in bold, clean colours like heritage green, crisp white, or sage to make a statement while keeping the look cohesive. Aged brass taps and showers add an authentic touch of vintage charm, but if you prefer a more contemporary twist, consider bold matte black fittings. Both options provide a striking contrast to the traditional elements, creating a balanced and stylish look.

The right decor and accessories can elevate the modern farmhouse bathroom from ordinary to extraordinary. Fabrics with natural textures, such as linen or cotton, add warmth and softness to the space. A barn door is a practical yet stylish addition, maximising space and enhancing the rustic aesthetic. For a touch of modernity, consider clean, contemporary brassware that complements the traditional elements without overshadowing them. These thoughtful details bring the modern farmhouse vision to life, creating a bathroom that is both beautiful and functional.

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