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Bathroom Lighting Types

Bathroom Lighting Types

With over forty years of experience, we know it’s the details that matter. A great lighting design is key to a high-end bathroom that looks great in every light. Our lights can be used conventionally or can be connected by WiZ allowing all lights to work seamlessly together and be personalised to your routines and preferences. All our lighting is IP44 rated for safe use in the bathroom.


Beautifully lit bathrooms

Our smart lights respond to your needs intuitively. With WiZ light bulbs at the heart of our smart lights, discover unparalleled control at your fingertips. Adjust brightness, change colour temperatures, or set scenic moods via your smartphone or voice commands to create the perfect smart lighting system.

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Attuned to you

Tailor your lighting to every activity, from a calming bath after a long day to a bright morning routine. Smart light bulbs can be dimmed and adjusted to suit the time of day or the task at hand, and can even be set in tune with circadian rhythms to create restful mood lighting or energizing light.

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Well timed


Use the WiZ lighting app to program your smart lights to your routine. Wake up to gentle light, enter a warmly lit bathroom in the evening, or schedule your lighting while you are away or on holiday. You can time your smart light by room or by lighting fixture, giving you complete flexibility over your smart lighting