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Bathroom Storage

Helpful bathroom storage solutions

Storage is crucial in every part of the home, but it's surprisingly easy to overlook in the bathroom. You might not realise just how quickly everyday items—from bottles and tubes to jars and various bits and pieces—can crowd this space. Fitted furniture can help to maximise every inch of a bathroom, stylishly and efficiently.

Fitted Furniture Features 1

Tall drawer storage

Bathroom storage ideas

These pull-out tall drawers provide a much-needed home for larger bottles that won’t fit standard vanity cupboards.

Elan Black 1500mm Vessel Basin Landscape Lifestyle

More worktop space

Bathroom storage ideas

Tired of balancing toiletries on the edge of your sink? Opt for a compact basin that gives you plenty of worktop space for daily essentials.


Countertop storage

Bathroom storage ideas

Our new tall countertop cabinets with internal shelves can be used on your furniture worktop or conveniently above a WC unit.

Elan Black Get the Look Fitted Furniture Hotspot Image 6

Utilise narrow space

Bathroom storage ideas

Consider all the space in your bathroom and choose either standard depth (353mm) or space-saving slim depth (216mm) furniture units.

Elan Black 1500mm Side View Lifestyle