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Our predictions for the Top Bathroom trends for 2022

We take a look at the emerging bathroom trends that may be here to stay or could be fleeting by, we will let you decide what are your favourites for 2022. Looking forward to 2023? Browse our bathroom trend predictions for 2023.

Unmissable trends for 2023


One of the emerging trends appearing in 2021 is Japandi, a hybrid trend drawing from the key design principles of two established trends, Japanese and Scandinavian. Japandi comprises the modern and minimalist flair of Scandinavian design with the elegant aesthetic of Japanese styling. This rising home décor trend combines sleek lines, neutral colour schemes and natural materials.


Bringing nature into the bathroom

Nothing quite emulates the spa experience like biophilic design. This is likely why the calming, restorative nature of biophilic design has thrived in a stressful post-pandemic world. The concept refers to the idea that there are designs that can bring us back into contact with nature in a domesticated space. With a heavy focus on bringing a variety of plants inside, biophilic design can be recreated with ease – perhaps a reason for the trend’s success. This trend works particularly well in bathrooms, and given increased public interest in sustainability, the style doesn’t look like it’s going anywhere. We suggest bamboo, Chinese evergreen, spider plants, and all types of ferns as plants best suited to the bathroom climate.


You may not want fully commit to this trend, but you can achieve this look by adding some textures or accents of the terracotta colour in your styling such as this rug or towels. Or consider paint colours such as Farrow & Ball Red Earth or Coat Sima Bathroom Paint.

Terracotta & Earth tones

The earthy warm tones of terracotta are growing in popularity and continuing to be paired with one of our favourite trends of 2021, terrazzo. Ranging from the lightest shades of apricot and clay, through to burnt orange and deep brick, all shades of terracotta are becoming popular in bathroom spaces. With variations in paint, tiles and accessories, touches of terracotta will continue to develop into 2022. The exotic feel of a terracotta space emulates the style of a Spanish villa, or Moroccan architecture, something that adds interest to an often-bland bathroom space.

Deep Blue's

Blue has always been popular in bathrooms, but this year we have seen aqua, azure and arctic blue take a back seat to the rich tones of deeper blues. The moodiness of deep blues can lead the bathroom to feel more luxurious and expensive, which is why the trend has been popular this year. The contrast of sapphire blues with brighter whites means the colour is easy to insert into the bathroom, and given the luxe feel of deep blues, there is a timeless appeal to this particular trend.

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Bright accents of colour

As a room so often minimal with colour, it’s little surprise that we’ve seen splashes of colour creep into bathrooms in 2021. What has been surprising, though, is the manner in which these splashes appearing in the form of interesting tiling, or bold wallpaper. With a lick of paint, bathrooms can be totally transformed, so even if this is a trend we say goodbye to in 2021 – it’s still one easily rectified

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