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Loop Bathroom Mirrors

From lash application to contouring or getting that super close shave, Loop lights up your daily routine.

The Loop ring light vanity mirror offers over 200 lumens of evenly dispersed, ultra-bright LED light which combine to highlight every nuance and detail- ensuring the perfect application every time. Loop is designed with three times magnification, while easy to use controls allow you to adjust both colour and luminosity for the perfect reflection. Made to fit snugly in the palm of your hand, the Loop vanity mirror features a wireless stand that sits securely on a dresser or bathroom vanity, but can also be charged via our complimentary ⌀600mm or ⌀800mm Loop wall mirrors.



In her home

Watch interiors maven Lucy from @__itslucy__ discover her perfect beauty routine with the help of our Loop vanity mirror and coordinating Thesis wall mirror.


From radiant mornings...


Transform your space with ingenious colour changing technology. Bask your mornings in warm or neutral light for lighter makeup application.

Loop Mirror vanity in position lifestyle2 logo
Loop Mirror with model makeup lifestyle 2 luminous nights.


Cool the tone to 6000k for a crisp, bright and detailed reflection- perfect for creating an evening look.

Loop Mirror with model lifestyle 2


If Loop lights are not turning on, check that you are gently tapping the switch.

  1. Loop may be out of power, please try putting it on charge for at least 30 mins.
  2. Check that the red charging LED shines for 10 seconds before turning off.
  3. Then try gently tapping the switch again or pull Loop off its charging stand.
  4. Loop may have a faulty battery, please contact our customer support on the process of ordering a new battery.

If Loop is not charging, check your charging method.

If you have the Loop wall mirror and Charging stand, please try both methods below to identify if one of them isn’t working.

Loop Wall Mirror

  1. If the Loop wall mirror isn’t showing a charging light. Make sure there’s power to it by turning the Loop wall mirror on & off.
  2. Place Loop in the centre of the Loop wall mirror charging ring.
  3. Check for the red LED in the charging ring between positions 9 and 12 as on a clock.
  4. If you have a wireless charging device like a phone, place this on the mirror surface in the centre of the ring. If the device starts charging, then there is a charging issue with Loop.
  5. If the Loop wall mirror isn’t showing the charging LED for the Loop wall mirror or your wireless charging device, please contact our customer support team, they will be happy to help.

Charging Stand

  1. Place Loop on the charging stand. Check the charging light shines for 10s before turning off.
  2. If the charging stand isn’t showing a red charging light. Firstly, make sure the Micro USB cable is fully pushed into the port on the underside of the charging stand.
  3. It could be a faulty Micro USB cable, try charging another device with the Micro USB cable like a phone etc.
  4. If the other device doesn’t charge, then it’s a faulty cable.
  5. If the cable is working, try placing a wireless charging device like a phone on the stand to see if the device charges.
  6. If your wireless charging device charges, then Loop is faulty. If the wireless charging device doesn’t, then the charging stand is faulty, please contact customer support.
  1. The touch switch is very sensitive.
  2. Make sure your hand isn’t near the underside of the switch.
  3. Place Loop on the Charging Stand, Loop wall mirror or a flat surface.
  4. To change mode, quickly double-tap the switch within a second.
  5. Wait 2 seconds.
  6. Press and hold the touch switch to change the colour or dimming depending on which mode you are in.
  7. If you are still having issues, please contact our customer support team.

Yes, it is safe to leave it on charge. Once fully charged it will self-manage the charge level and trickle charge as required to maintain full charge.

No, the Loop mirror is only compatible with Roper Rhodes compatible products:

  • Loop wall mirror: VM60C & VM80C
  • Thesis Mirrors: TNM045 - TNM050 - TNM060 - TNM60C - TNM80C - TNM50P - TNM50V
  • Notion Cabinet: NTC050, NTC060 & NTC080
  • Boost Cabinet: BTC050, BTC060 & BTC080

Loop must only be used on Roper Rhodes compatible products. It should never be placed on other surfaces, due to the strong magnets fitted within, Loop might be damaged trying to remove. If you have accidentally stuck it to another surface, try to peel it off rather than pull the body directly off.

Yes, with the charging stand and with compatible Roper Rhodes products.

No, we do not recommend that you put Loop in your bag or take it out of the home due to the strong magnets.

Loop will flash 3 times when you turn it on to inform you that it has low battery and should be put on charge. Please contact customer support if it is flashing differently to the above.

Loop will take approximately 4 hours to charge. The mirror will charge slightly quicker on the charging stand.

Loop can last for over 90 minutes at full brightness, even longer if the brightness is turned down.

If Loop is damaged, please contact our customer support team and we can help you with replacing the magnifying mirror. While it is damage, please don’t use it or expose it to water.

Yes, the battery has been designed to be replaceable to help extend the life of the product. If the battery has come to the end of its life or is faulty, please contact our customer support team and they will be able to help you.

The LEDs are at least 90 Cri value meaning they give very good colour quality.