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52 Inspiring Bathroom Ideas to Love

Over 50 bathroom ideas to inspire your renovation

Embarking on a bathroom makeover can be both exhilarating and daunting. With countless design trends and a myriad of choices, it's essential to have a source of inspiration that can guide your decisions towards creating a space that not only meets your functional needs but also reflects your personal style. There's a lot to consider when crafting your dream bathroom: from your bathroom layout options, and furniture choices, to brassware, paint colours, surfaces and bathroom decor. If you’re looking for bathroom design ideas, why not browse our gallery of well-crafted bathroom designs that showcase a wide variety of styles and bathroom ideas- from playful pinstripe bathroom tiling to dark and atmospheric black bathrooms. Read on to discover 52 inspiring bathroom ideas, segmented into design & layout, tiles, decor, and colour & paint, to help craft a bathroom you'll love.

Bathroom Ideas Widcombe Victorian Bathroom Freestanding Bath
Bathroom Ideas Widcombe 800 Twilight Unit detail

Arches & Alcoves

Bathroom ideas - design & layout

Frame your vanity unit or shower area by creating an arched alcove or enclave, serving as a striking centrepiece in your bathroom. This architectural feature not only adds elegance but also provides a unique frame for bathroom fixtures, creating a focal point that draws the eye while also zoning your bathroom and giving depth to plain bathroom walls.

Bathroom Ideas Thesis Mirror Vanity on worktop lifestyle
Bathroom Ideas Hide White ISO with Stool Lifestyle

Multifunctional Bathrooms

Bathroom ideas - design & layout

Create a thoroughly modern bathroom in practicality and function by making it a multi-functional space. Consider forgoing the second sink in your double vanity unit for added countertop space instead, giving you more space for your morning routine as well as additional storage. If space allows, you could even add a chair to create a vanity table.

Bathroom Ideas Note Corner Bath

Showers Over Baths

Bathroom ideas - design & layout

Design a compact yet functional bath and shower space to make the most of limited square footage. This layout allows for the inclusion of both a bathtub and shower in a single area, cleverly utilising the available space without compromising on comfort or style. Choose an inset or back to wall bath for smaller spaces or if your bathroom layout allows, invest in a small freestanding bath that can sit neatly under an overhead shower system.

Bathroom Ideas Note Corner Bath and Unity Shower
Bathroom Ideas Lansdown Shower exposed brass Lifestyle

Wet Rooms & Walk In Showers

Bathroom ideas - design & layout

Designed with proper ventilation and drainage, a wet room bathroom or walk in shower affords the same benefits as an open plan kitchen, doing away with disjointed, closed-in areas and making the most of your whole bathroom space. Wet rooms and walk-in shower designs provide a surprising number of benefits to homeowners. With more options in terms of design, a space that’s easier to clean, and a bathroom that is easily accessible, this bathroom layout is certainly worth considering for your next renovation.

Bathroom Ideas Event Click Brushed Brass Dual Function Valve Water On Lifestyle

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Bathroom ideas Small wetroom design

Spa Bathrooms

Bathroom ideas - design & layout

There are lots of decorative ways to create a spa bathroom, but careful planning and layout considerations are equally important. Make your space feel comfortable and serene by investing in underfloor heating, installing a deep freestanding tub, or investing in a walk in shower to recreate the feeling of a sauna or steam room. A built-in shower seat also adds another element of ease and comfort, while creating an accessible space for all the family.

Shower Seat Detail 1

Bathroom Pocket Doors

Bathroom ideas - design & layout

Incorporate a sliding or pocket door to maximise on bathroom space. This space-saving solution eliminates the need for clearance, making it ideal for a guest bathroom, walk in shower spaces, en suite bathroom designs and small bathrooms without compromising accessibility or style. For a new bathroom or bathroom renovation, a pocket door is something to discuss with your builder, but if you are simply refreshing your bathroom, a surface sliding door is quicker and can be easily fit without any building work.

Bathroom ideas Esta cloakroom wall mounted Light Grey lifetsyle
Bathroom ideas Esta WH Gloss Light Grey Lifestyle
Bathroom ideas dark veined marble and brass shower

Dark Veined Marble Tiles

Bathroom ideas - tiles & surfaces

Add a touch of drama to your bathroom floor, shower or backsplash with dark veined marble bathroom tiles. This material brings luxury and depth to the space, with the dramatic veining adding movement and interest to the walls, and creating a luxurious focal point. Natural stone is the ideal choice, but the same effect can be easily recreated with large porcelain tiles for a less costly option with the same wow factor.

Bathroom tile trends 2024 3
Bathroom tile trends 2024 2

Vertical Wall Tiles

Bathroom ideas - tiles & surfaces

Of all the bathroom ideas out there, this might be the most creative and impactful. A new trend in interior design circles, designers are using vertical bathroom tiles to create tiled, pinstripe walls in sunny seaside colours. This clever tiling technique can visually elongate the walls, making the space feel taller and more spacious while adding a charming twist to a shower area or feature wall.

2023 12 04 Ropers Elan Juniper Green9897v2
Scheme Fluted 800 white ISO 0050 copy
Scheme fluted Handle Detail 0012 copy

Fluting and Texture

Bathroom ideas - tiles & surfaces

Add fluting and texture through furniture surfaces, statement tiles, and shower screens. This decorative approach introduces a tactile element to the bathroom, adding visual interest and depth to the design through the interplay of light and shadow.

Statement Splashbacks

Bathroom ideas - tiles & surfaces

Add a statement splashback to bring personality and colour to your bathroom. Whether it's a bold pattern or a vibrant colour, a splashback can be a focal point that ties the room together and is ideal for small bathroom layouts to create interest without overwhelming a small space.

Yoga Porcelain Blush Single
System 800 Juniper Lifestyle PORTRAIT
Keswick Brass Exposed Valve Detail Grey

Square Tiles

Bathroom ideas - tiles & surfaces

Square bathroom wall tiles are slowly but surely making a comeback with interior designers, but not as we know them. The latest reincarnation of the tied and tested square tile is the square zellige tile, which contrasts this simple shape with a textured, natural finish. A beautiful way to add interest to a primary bathroom, square tiles work equally well as a splashback or within a wet room space.

Black Wall Tiles

Bathroom ideas - tiles & surfaces

Create a dramatic and surprisingly fresh bathroom space by incorporating black tiles in your bathroom or shower room. Bold yet versatile, black tiles have traditionally been used as floor tiles in the past, but new, more exciting tile designs in different shapes and textures have emerged since, including skinny black tiles, black zellige tiles and black marble tiles. Combine with brass fixtures and lighter tile colours like off-white or soft pink to create the quintessential art deco black and white bathroom, or layer dark colours for a statement look.

Burford Juniper Green ISO lifestyle 3
Zellige tile
RR Shower lifestyle ISO 2 SM copy

Large Format Tiles

Bathroom ideas - tiles & surfaces

Large format tiles can be used as wall tiles or floor tiles to give a clean, airy finish to a room. A tile choice that minimises grout lines and creates a seamless look, large format tiles in the same material help to enhance the sense of openness in the bathroom. Opt for a traditional style with plain white tiles, or go bold with large format marble or travertine tiles for a feeling of pure luxury in your bathroom.

RR vessel basin water on SM copy

Tiled Countertops

Bathroom ideas - tiles & surfaces

Make a centrepiece of a statement basin by investing in a built-in, tiled countertop for a durable and decorative surface. This option allows for creative expression through your choice of tiles, brassware and ceramics, adding both function and beauty to the vanity area.

Washstand Trad mirror lifestyle 4

Pattern and Large Format Tiles

Bathroom ideas - tiles & surfaces

Combine pattern tiles and large format tiles for a dynamic and layered look. This mix allows for areas of interest and expansiveness, balancing intricacy with simplicity. One of our favourite bathroom ideas is to tile half your bathroom wall with a plainer larger tile and the upper half of the wall in a more detailed pattern, adding depth and personality to the whole room. Alternatively, opt for a detailed wall tile and more simply designed, large floor tiles for a balanced look.

Marston 500 Dk Grey ISO lifestyle2 SM

Chequerboard Tiles

Bathroom ideas - tiles & surfaces

Embrace chequerboard wall or floor tiles for a classic and dynamic floor design that suits a wide range of bathroom suites. This traditional pattern adds timeless elegance and visual interest, making the floor a striking element of the bathroom. For those on a limited budget, a checkerboard splashback is also a quick and impactful option. Style your pattern tiles with either traditional furniture for a Victorian feel, or opt for a modern vanity to suit a more contemporary bathroom.

Legacy 1500 run 1368 SVK copy

Natural Materials

Bathroom ideas - tiles & surfaces

For a truly timeless aesthetic, incorporate natural materials like terracotta and zellige tiles into your bathroom design. These materials bring warmth and texture to the bathroom, evoking a sense of history and craftsmanship that enriches the space. Wooden floorboards are best avoided in bathroom spaces, but can be easily replaced with wood effect porcelain tiles for the same effect. Natural materials work especially well in all-white bathroom spaces to add texture, interest and depth to white walls and surfaces.

Lansdown 1200 Iso 1487
Fairmont Matt Carbon With Brass Legs and Lights Lifestyle

Plaster or Limewash Paint

Bathroom ideas - colour & paint

Consider using plaster or limewash paint as a stunning alternative to traditional tiling in your bathroom. This approach not only creates visual interest but also adds a tactile quality that enhances the overall aesthetic. For interior designer Zoe Jones, "Gone are the days of flat, monochrome bathroom colours, now replaced by rich, layered surfaces that infuse warmth and intrigue. Tiles and grout are stepping back, making way for beautifully plastered bathroom walls that steal the spotlight."

Legacy Flax 1500 run front cover

Sage green

Bathroom ideas - colour & paint

From furniture to tiles and decor, layering shades of green can create a soothing and restful oasis in your bathroom. Perfectly at home in traditional and modern bathroom spaces alike, sage green has evolved into an approachable and versatile colour that combines the fresh and timeless appeal of green with the warmth of more neutral tones.

Legacy Flax 1500 run ISO top down lifestyle
Fairmont Terra Hero Lifestyle

Warm, Earthy Colours

Bathroom ideas - colour & paint

Inspired by natural elements like soil, clay, and sand, warm terracotta hues work exceptionally well in bathroom design, offering a soft backdrop that complements natural materials like wood, stone, and ceramics. Earthy tones also pair beautifully with both warm metals and cool accents, for instance, brass and black brassware. Consider using a terracotta-based colour in a textured finish rather than a flat colour, such as Bauwerk or limewash paint to keep the tones soft and nuanced.

Teracotta bathrooms fairmont
Keswick Main Lifestyle Landscape 6296

Dicover the trends for 2024

Looking for even more bathroom ideas? Explore our newest trends report, from warm colour palettes to Mediterranean-inspired interiors and creative surface design.


One of the most tried and tested bathroom ideas, the black and white bathroom colour scheme still very much has its place in modern bathroom design. This approach relies on the use of black and white in varying shades and textures, creating a sophisticated and cohesive space that can be accented with pops of colour or metallic finishes.

Layered Neutrals

Embrace shades of white and neutrals in different tones for a calm and serene bathroom. This colour palette creates a light, airy feel, making the space appear larger and more open. Add depth to a neutral palette by introducing texture through natural materials such as zellige tiles, terracotta, limewash paint or rattan bathroom accessories.

Stow Fitted Furniture Nordic Green with Brass Fittings Lifestyle v1

Tongue & Groove Feature Wall

Bathroom ideas - panelling & wallpaper

Looking for quick and impactful bathroom ideas? Bathroom wallpaper, wall panelling and wainscoting are a great place to start. Create a focal point in your bathroom by installing wood panelling on one wall. This can be behind the sink or the bathtub, offering a striking contrast to other materials used in the room. Choose a waterproof finish to ensure durability in the humid bathroom environment.

Halcyon 500 Freestanding Unit Powder blue Straight on Lifestyle

Floor-to-Ceiling Wood Panelling

Bathroom ideas - panelling & wallpaper

For a unique touch, consider extending wood panelling to the ceiling. This works especially well in bathrooms with high ceilings, adding a cosy and intimate atmosphere. Pair with recessed lighting to highlight the wood's natural grain and texture.

Vitoria 600 Low Cistern Dark Grey angle lifestyle

Bathroom Wallpaper Half-wall

Bathroom ideas - panelling & wallpaper

Apply wallpaper to the upper or lower half of your walls, pairing it with a contrasting paint colour or tile on the other half. This technique can introduce visual interest and contrast, breaking up the monotony of a single material or colour throughout the bathroom, and works especially well in light or white bathroom schemes.

Burford Derwnt Blue with Motif basin lifestyle

Bathroom Wallpaper Shelves & Niches

Bathroom ideas - panelling & wallpaper

Lining the back of open shelving or niches with wallpaper can add a subtle pop of pattern and colour, accentuating displayed items like towels, toiletries, or decorative pieces. Choose a wallpaper that contrasts with the items in front for maximum impact.

Lansdown 1200mm dark grey matt with double Aster mirror lifestyle 72dpi
2023 11 27 Ropers Elan Black 130210781

Traditional Meets Modern

Bathroom ideas- style & decor

Marry traditional cabinetry with modern details such as modern bathroom brassware to create a bathroom that blends the best of both worlds. This approach allows for a timeless design that pays homage to classic aesthetics while incorporating contemporary elements for a fresh twist.


Hotel Luxury Bathroom

Bathroom ideas- style & decor

Recreate the opulence of a hotel bathroom by incorporating bathroom decor such as luxurious finishes, expansive mirrors, and generous worktop space. This design philosophy focuses on creating a space that feels both lavish and functional, ensuring every detail contributes to an atmosphere of sophistication and comfort.

Small bathroom explorer block mobile
A small yet sophisticated cloakroom v3

Dramatic Downstairs Bathrooms

Bathroom ideas- style & decor

We're always on the hunt for small bathroom ideas. Elevate a cloakroom or tiny bathroom by designing a dramatic downstairs loo space with bold wallpaper, luxurious bathroom lighting, and unique fixtures. This small space offers the opportunity to experiment with daring designs that might be too much for larger rooms.

Calm Mineral Blue 1500 lifestyle
Calm mineral blue 1500 Close up

Eclectic Bathrooms

Bathroom ideas- style & decor

The eclectic bathroom trend celebrates a harmonious blend of styles, textures, and colours, creating a space that is both vibrant and deeply personal. To recreate this look, blend vintage or antique fixtures with contemporary elements, and mix textures like glossy tiles with natural stone for depth. Embrace bold colours, either on walls or through vibrant bathroom furniture and accessories, and personalise the space with a mix of art styles and decorative objects that reflect your personality.

Maximalist Bathrooms

Bathroom ideas- style & decor

Closely related to the eclectic style, maximalist is a bathroom trend that continues to appeal in interior design circles. Go maximalist with clashing patterns and colours for a bathroom full of personality and vibrancy. This approach celebrates abundance and eclecticism, allowing for a playful and unique space.

Contour pattern and playful bathroom design
Contour 600 WM Anthracite Lifestyle
Aruba Powder Grey Theorgy Cab door open detail

Scandi Bathrooms

Bathroom ideas- style & decor

Adopt Scandi minimalism for a clean, functional bathroom. This style focuses on simplicity, natural light, and muted colours, creating a tranquil and clutter-free space. A great style option for small bathrooms and en suite bathrooms.

Platform semi countertop Basin Brass Tap Water On Lifestyle
Scheme Fluted 800 white ISO 0050 copy

Statement Sink

Bathroom ideas - fittings & fixtures

Update a simple furniture unit with a statement sink, complemented by a tall tap. This approach allows the sink to become the star of the bathroom, transforming a functional element into a piece of design excellence. Accessorising with a tall tap adds to the impact, marrying functionality with style.

2023 07 17 Ropers Burford and Hampton FC8499

Black Cabinetry

Bathroom ideas - fittings & fixtures

Embrace the boldness of black in your bathroom by opting for black cabinetry or a black vanity unit. This choice adds a modern edge to the space, creating a sophisticated and striking contrast that can be softened or accentuated with the right bathroom lighting and accessories.

Widcombe Double Basin Unit Twilight Front On Lifestyle v2

Double Vanity Unit

Bathroom ideas - fittings & fixtures

Invest in a double vanity unit for added convenience and style. This feature is particularly useful in shared bathrooms, providing ample space for two people to use the area simultaneously without compromising on personal space or functionality.

Concierge Coniston Blue 800mm Lifestyle

Bathroom Vanity Wall Lights

Bathroom ideas - fittings & fixtures

Use bathroom wall lights to frame your vanity, providing balanced lighting and a decorative touch. This bathroom lighting solution enhances functionality while contributing to the overall ambience of the space.

Ritual Pebble Mirror Hero Lifestyle

Smart Design

Bathroom ideas - fittings & fixtures

If a modern bathroom is to your taste, why not invest in clever technology, like smart mirrors and smart lighting, to enhance functionality and convenience? These innovations can improve the bathroom experience, offering customisable settings and modern comforts.

Traditional bathroom ideas taps

Wall Mounted Taps

Bathroom ideas - fittings & fixtures

Use wall-mounted taps to instantly enhance your basin area. This sleek and modern touch frees up counter space and adds a minimalist elegance to the design. Ideal for both contemporary bathroom designs and more traditional suites alike.

Loop Mirror vanity in position lifestyle2

Statement Mirror

Bathroom ideas - fittings & fixtures

Introduce a statement bathroom mirror to add elegance and increase the sense of space. A large, uniquely framed mirror can serve as a focal point, reflecting light and visually expanding the room. Frame your bathroom mirror with your choice of wall lamps to complete the look.

New brassware Quantum and Merit Tavistock


Bathroom ideas - fittings & fixtures

Add a shower seat for added comfort and accessibility. This feature enhances the functionality of the shower, offering a practical and thoughtful touch that accommodates a range of needs.

Small pink bathroom 2
Widcombe roll top top down 2334 copy cropped

Small Freestanding Bath

Bathroom ideas - fittings & fixtures

With a greater variety and choice of freestanding bath styles than ever, small bathrooms need not be limited to inset baths. Tub style freestanding bath designs, or circular freestanding baths can be used in narrow and small bathroom spaces to recreate the opulence of a larger roll-top bath.

Note BTW Bath ISO 0798 copy square
Bathroom Ideas - Elan Black 1500mm Side View Lifestyle

Built-In Bathroom Shelf

Bathroom ideas - bathroom storage

A bugbear for so many, bathroom ideas that capitalise on storage and space are always in demand. Incorporate a built-in shelf for additional surface space, offering a practical storage solution that keeps essentials within reach while maintaining a streamlined look. This feature can be integrated into walls or shower areas, maximising functionality without sacrificing style.

How to Style a Bathroom Shelf 17

Additional Wall Storage

Bathroom ideas - bathroom storage

Add more storage options with wall shelving, wall cabinets or bathroom columns. This strategy utilises vertical space for storage, keeping the floor area clear and the bathroom looking tidy and spacious.

Calm Fitted 1500 grey ISO 21174

Fitted Bathroom Furniture

Bathroom ideas - bathroom storage

Optimise every inch of space by choosing fitted bathroom furniture. This tailored solution ensures that your storage needs are met without compromising on style, allowing for a seamless and clutter-free environment that maximises the available area.

RRCOL14 DB with handles

Tall Bathroom Storage

Bathroom ideas - bathroom storage

Incorporate tall bathroom storage to make use of vertical space efficiently. This can include tall cabinets or shelving units, providing ample storage for towels, toiletries, and other essentials without taking up much floor space.

Recessed Cabinets

Undergoing a bathroom renovation? Recessed bathroom cabinets offer the statement appeal of a bathroom mirror, with additional hidden storage. Perfect for optimising space in small bathrooms, a flush to the wall cabinet is best placed above a vanity unit and are suited to contemporary bathroom styles and traditional bathrooms alike.

Opt for an Inset Bath

Make use of space with an inset bath, allowing for a streamlined and custom fit. This installation method maximises a compact space while providing a luxurious and integrated bathing experience. Tile your inset bath or add a bath panel colour-matched to your bathroom furniture to complete the look.

Cranborne large shower head detail copy

Chrome & Marble

Bathroom ideas - perfect pairings

Stay classic with chrome fixtures and marble surfaces for a luxurious and timeless bathroom. This combination exudes elegance and sophistication, creating a refined and polished space that is ideal for classic and modern bathroom styles alike. Easy to clean and maintain, this quintessential surface pairing is perfect for the busy family bathroom.

Fairmont 800 White Lifestyle

Matt Black & Soft Neutrals

Bathroom ideas - perfect pairings

A play of light and dark, combining matt black brassware with a soft, warm neutral background is the perfect way to create impact in your bathroom, without overwhelming the space. Keep cabinetry and lines clean and minimal to emphasize this harmonious and striking duo.

Concierge Juniper Green 800mm Lifestyle

Green & Brass

Bathroom ideas - perfect pairings

The green and brass combination in bathrooms offers a luxurious and harmonious look, blending the calming qualities of green with the warmth of brass accents. This pairing evokes a sense of nature and opulence, creating a serene and elegant space. The reflective warmth of brass complements the refreshing green, making the bathroom feel like a tranquil retreat. This timeless duo enhances the bathroom's aesthetic appeal, striking a perfect balance between modern sophistication and natural beauty.