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Terracotta Bathrooms

Bathroom trends

Terracotta, with its rich, earthy tones, is currently a popular colour and surface choice in bathroom design. This warm, natural hue instils a sense of calm and grounding, reflecting the trend towards more organic and soothing interiors. Recreate the look in your bathroom with our guide to terracotta bathrooms, from terracotta furniture and decor to tiles and paint choices.

Teracotta bathrooms detail

Terracotta Bathrooms

Bathroom trends

Terracotta finishes are particularly effective in complementing a range of styles, from traditional to contemporary, and they work well with both neutral palettes and bolder hues, providing a balanced and inviting atmosphere in the bathroom. For a graphic look, pair your terracotta bathroom furniture with a contemporary basin, black brassware and matt black hardware, or opt for a softer look with brushed brass.

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Looking to recreate a luxurious terracotta bathroom in your home? Paint and wall colour is a great place to start. Inspired by natural elements like soil, clay, and sand, terracotta hues create a warm and welcoming environment. They work exceptionally well in bathrooms, offering a soft backdrop that complements natural materials like wood, stone, and ceramics. Earthy tones also pair beautifully with both warm metals and cool accents, for instance, brass and black brassware. Consider using a terracotta-based colour in a textured finish rather than a flat colour, such as Bauwerk or limewash paint to keep the tones soft and nuanced.

Traditionally used in kitchens and hallways, terracotta tiles are surprisingly durable and well-suited as bathroom tiles, whether used as floor tiles or wall tiles. Embracing the charm of a traditional Mediterranean villa, terracotta tiles have become a sought-after element in bathroom design. Their earthy tones and textured finish infuse spaces like an ensuite, a cloakroom, or even a shower with a sense of warmth and rustic elegance reminiscent of a country farmhouse. Terracotta bathroom tiles, which come in a spectrum of natural shades and patterns, are not only aesthetically pleasing but also practical, working well with underfloor heating systems and complementing a range of materials such as wood, linen, and plaster. Terracotta tiles installed in high traffic areas will benefit from a waterproof seal, to prevent stains and to help maintain the natural texture of the tiles.

Unique bathroom furniture finishes are now more popular than ever, particularly pink, clay and terracotta hues. Combine storage with style and introduce pops of colour by opting for a warm-toned vanity unit as a centrepiece, or pair your vanity unit with layered terracotta colours in complementary shades through your paint, surfaces and tiles. Finish a terracotta bathroom vanity unit with decorative hardware in interesting finishes such as matt black, brushed brass or even bronze to create a unique focal point. For a truly statement look, consider painting a freestanding bath a rich terracotta colour to complete this warm, inspired bathroom suite.

Introducing terracotta-toned decor and accessories into your bathroom is a wonderful way to infuse warmth and earthiness into the space. Start with matching terracotta accessories like soap dishes, toothbrush holders, and decorative vases or planters. Soften the look with linens – think towels, bath mats, or a shower curtain – in complementary shades of rich ochre or soft rust. For a cohesive design, consider adding accent pieces such as framed art, a small rug, or window treatments in terracotta tones. Lastly, enhance the natural feel of a rustic bathroom with wooden elements, like a wooden stool or shelving, and some greenery in terracotta pots. This approach creates a warm, inviting atmosphere that balances rustic appeal with modern sophistication.