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Bathroom Vanity Units

Discover vanity units to suit all styles and spaces.

The mainstay of your bathroom suite, a bathroom vanity provides a wash area and storage space in one complete unit and is a great alternative to a standalone sink option, particularly for those in need of additional space to minimise clutter. Our extensive collection of vanity units includes wall hung vanity units, floorstanding vanity units, a selection of countertop vanity unit styles, double basin units and cloakroom vanity units, ideal for small bathrooms. Available in a wide choice of colours and finishes, our vanity units include traditional style options for classic bathrooms and more contemporary furniture units suited to more modern bathroom schemes.


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Basins & Worktops

From inset basins to countertop options, our bathroom sink cabinets and vanities can be paired with a wide range of basin choices. Our ceramic vanity basins offer striking flared designs with elegant fine edges & a generous wash space, while Isocast basins allow for the creation of perfectly straight fine lines & modern flowing basins.

Scheme 1000 Juniper Vessel Basin Detail

Bathroom storage solutions

From our petite 400mm cloakroom unit to our substantial 1200 vanity units, all of our bathroom furniture comes with either soft closing drawer or cupboard shelf space to help keep your space organised and your bathroom essentials within reach. Many of our vanities also come with the option of in-drawer boxes and dividers, in-drawer lighting stips and the option to coordinate your vanity with one of our many wall cabinets.

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Space for customisation

Finish your vanity unit with hardware from our extensive collection of proprietary handles, cabinet pulls and knobs in a range of finishes, all designed to coordinate with our vanity unit ranges.

Fresno Bronze Handle Detail

Vanity & Toilet Combinations

An ideal choice for ensuite bathrooms, smaller bathrooms and cloakrooms, why not pair your vanity unit with a complementary back to wall toilet furniture unit. A vanity & toilet combination not only conceals unsightly piping and plumbwork, but creates more surface space and additional storage.

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Put simply, a vanity unit is a modular piece of bathroom furniture that combines a sink with a storage cabinet. A sink is built into the vanity unit and the plumbing is concealed within the frame. The vanity unit frame also houses extra storage space in the form of a drawer, or multiple drawers. Many units may have a cupboard with a door or double doors in place of or combined with drawers for maximum storage.

There are a number of advantages to choosing a vanity unit over a simple sink. Vanity units have the benefit of added storage space, allowing you to store away and organise bathroom essentials. Vanity units also conceal sink traps and unsightly pipework for a neatly finished bathroom. Often available in a range of designs and materials, a vanity unit also allows you to introduce colour and style into your bathroom to reflect the unique look of your wider home.

There is a huge variety of bathroom vanity units available, depending on your style, space and practical requirements.


The most recognisable type of vanity unit is a vanity that is floor-mounted or floor-standing. This style of vanity unit is designed to be installed directly on the ground as an independent piece of furniture. A floor-standing vanity unit not only houses a sink but often includes ample storage space as well, such as drawers or cupboards with interior shelving.


A wall mounted, wall hung or floating vanity unit is a style of bathroom furniture that is installed on the wall using metal brackets for support. Wall hung bathroom vanities are quite a contemporary style of vanity unit, and a wall mounted unit has the added benefit of opening up bathroom floor space, making small bathrooms look more spacious. Most wall hung vanity units feature large, pull-to-open drawers for added storage.


Designed to be paired with a countertop basin and a worktop, this style of vanity unit gives an elegant, statement look to your bathroom, while providing additional surface space. Countertop vanity units often require a tall or wall mounted basin mixer to suit the height of the basin. Most commonly seen in wall-hung configurations.


An inset basin or underslung vanity unit features a sink style that sits entirely within the bathroom furniture and is combined with a stone or resin worktop for added surface space. Inset sink vanity units are considered to be more traditional in style and give a luxurious, clean finish to your bathroom design.


A double vanity unit is a larger sized bathroom unit that houses two basins, allowing for two people to use the washspace at once. Ideal for family bathrooms or spacious ensuites, double vanity units are available in both freestanding and wall hung styles.


Perfect for smaller bathrooms, powder rooms or ensuite bathrooms, a cloakroom vanity unit is a compact bathroom furniture unit with a small washspace that is usually no more than 400mm in width, and can also be designed to fit into narrow spaces or even corners. A cloakroom vanity unit will likely feature either drawer or shelving storage. Available in both floorstanding and wall hung vanity designs.

Vanity units generally range in size from a 400mm compact cloakroom unit to a 1200mm double basin vanity unit, and there are many size variations between that. Most mid sized bathrooms would best suit a 600mm or 700mm vanity unit, while a smaller bathroom would benefit from a vanity unit either 500mm or under that size. Spacious bathrooms have the luxury of opting for larger 800mm, 1000mm or 1200mm vanity sizes.

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