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Fitted Bathroom Furniture Guide

Follow our guide to to discover how to create a stunning fitted bathroom.

Every home is unique, and with that in mind, we have created a range of fitted bathroom furniture that allows you to completely tailor your bathroom space to your style and practical requirements. From unit and fascia choice to handles, worktops and finishes, our fitted furniture collection gives you lots of options for personalisation. Learn how to create the perfect space for you with our comprehensive fitted bathroom guide.

What is fitted bathroom furniture?

Fitted bathroom furniture are bathroom cabinets and storage solutions tailored specifically to your space. At Roper Rhodes, our fitted bathroom furniture is available in a multitude of styles, sizes and depths, with coordinating plinths, panels and worktops that allow you to create a bathroom that is unique to you and your practical requirements.

Why choose fitted bathroom furniture?

  • Unified Style Fitted furniture gives the look of a cohesive bathroom space. You can easily coordinate every aspect of your design to suit a style and finish. For instance, you can match your vanity unit to your WC unit, or even sit one alongside the other to create a single furniture run.
  • Customisation Easily customise every aspect of your bathroom furniture with your choice of unit size, handle, facia and finish.
  • Affordability Unlike custom bathroom furniture, which requires a carpenter to source, cut and fit all the materials for your bathroom, our wide variety of fitted furniture units come ready assembled, saving you time and budget, all the while giving the look and efficiency of custom made cabinets.
  • Maximise Space Fitted bathroom furniture allows you to make the most of pokey corners and awkward, disused space. Our multitude of premade bathroom units can be combined with various lengths of colour-matched filler panel to ensure a perfect fit, adding much-needed surface space while concealing unsightly plumbing.
  • Additional Storage Modular bathroom furniture and sinks sometimes fall short of the storage you really need in your bathroom. Fitted bathroom furniture allows you to make the most of your vanity unit with additional cupboards and drawers or even a tall cabinet to keep bathroom essentials neat, organised and out of sight.