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18 Beautiful Bathroom Trends Sure to Make a Statement in 2024

bathroom trends 2024

Interior and bathroom trends are moving at a faster pace than ever. In 2024, design in general and bathroom design in particular is all about self-expression, wellness and personality. From bathroom fittings to bathroom colours, to bathroom walls and greater bathroom trends, let us walk you through new ways to embrace your personal style and interior design choices and create a lasting and timeless bathroom. So this year, take the word 'trend' with a pinch of salt, choose wisely and with feeling, and read on to discover the bathroom trends to best suit you and your home for 2024 (and beyond).

Vintage Mediterranean

Bathroom Trends- Decor

From Hellenistic motifs to Venetian plaster walls, the trend for Mediterranean interiors has been slowly simmering away beneath the surface for years now. This year sees the trend emerge in all its glory and colour. Filmed at the famed San Domenico Palace in Sicily, a former fourteenth-century monastery turned Four Seasons hotel, fans of the White Lotus season two will recognise this style instantly - vintage Mediterranean is luxurious, curated and brimming with history and personality. Artisan-made ceramics and traditional craftsmanship sit beautifully alongside opulent and sometimes maximalist decor, lending culture and heritage to contemporary design.

2023 11 27 Ropers Elan Black 130210781
Bathroom trends 2024 2

Bring the look into your bathroom design by mixing natural materials such as terracotta and plaster with bold, dramatic marble tiles and brass finishes. Rich dark wood, black bathroom furniture and decorative ceramics are also indicative of this Italian-inspired trend. Choose a countertop basin and wall-mounted bathroom taps that capture that quintessential luxury hotel finish and bring the room together with a concealed brass shower system to perfectly blend old and new.

Bathroom trends 2024 5

Bathroom Furniture- Pairing black or dark-coloured bathroom furniture with marble worktops effectively captures the essence of the Vintage Mediterranean trend. Opt for a countertop basin to keep the style up-to-date.

Baths- Recreate the look with either a luxurious tiled inset bath or a freestanding bath. Extra points for installing your bath tub in your bedroom!

Bathroom Taps and Showers: Look to European design with wall-mounted or three-tap hole brassware in classic chrome or brushed brass. Choose a concealed shower system to keep the space clean and seamless.

Bathroom Tiles: Uniquely finished natural stone tiles in simple square formats combined with large marble surfaces are ideal for this style of bathroom scheme.

Bathroom Paint & colour palettes: Keep the focus on surfaces and fixtures by choosing simple warm whites and light layered earth tones, or fully embrace the allure of an old Italian villa with richly detailed fresco wallpaper (not unlike the opening title sequence of the show itself).

Bathroom Decor: Elements like ceramic decorative head vases, vintage artwork, rattan or cane storage baskets and an olive branch or two add a touch of Mediterranean charm and history to the bathroom.

Why we love it: The Vintage Mediterranean trend is all about charm, luxury and a sense of place- all elements that anyone can embrace as part of their bathroom decor.

American Classic

Bathroom Trends - Decor

Looking across the water, the influence of classic American design has carried equal weight in the world of interiors in recent years, and now the style is finding its way into our bathrooms. Having recently been named one of the world's most influential interior designers and with several notable bathroom design collaborations underway, the impact of American designers like Shea McGee is hard to contest. Homely, fresh and modern with a Shaker leaning, the Classic American look is infinitely accessible and easy to recreate in almost all bathroom design schemes. This trend embraces a mix of modern and classic elements, with a focus on comfort, functionality and just a touch of luxury, making it ideal for large and small bathroom spaces alike.

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Bathroom trends 2024 3

Capture the American classic style in your bathroom by opting for simple, smartly tailored traditional bathroom furniture in timeless finishes such as heritage green, slate grey or off-white. Choose warm yet pared-back brassware and hardware that will stand the test of time. Recreate the scale of larger American bathrooms with a fitted bathroom run that stretches the full width of your bathroom wall and adds lots of convenient storage.

Concierge Coniston Blue 800mm Lifestyle

Bathroom Furniture: Opt for simple, elegant furniture in timeless finishes like heritage green, slate grey, or off-white. This approach captures the essence of American classic style, offering a blend of modern and traditional aesthetics.

Baths: Choose baths that reflect a classic design with a modern twist, such as freestanding tubs with clean lines.

Bathroom Taps and Showers: Select warm, understated brassware and hardware. These should be functional yet stylish, embodying the American classic ethos of durability and timeless design.

Bathroom Tiles and Surfaces: Use tiles that complement the classic American style, such as larger format tiles in neutral tones for a more modern interpretation. Incorporate wood wall panels or tongue and groove to channel classic American cabinetry.

Bathroom Paint & colour palettes: Embrace a colour scheme that reflects homely warmth and modern freshness. Soft neutrals, off-whites, and subtle greens or greys are ideal choices.

Bathroom Decor: Incorporate Shaker-inspired elements and decor that balance homeliness with modernity. This could include well-crafted wooden pieces, simple yet elegant textiles, and understated decorative items.

Why we love it: The American Classic trend is loved for its perfect blend of comfort, functionality, and a hint of luxury. It's accessible, easy to recreate, and works well in both large and small spaces, making it a versatile choice for diverse bathroom designs.


Bathroom Trends - Decor

One part preppy, one part gothic, this unlikely trend originated in literature through books like The Secret History and has been suitably revived for the twenty twenties by Tiktok- with over 3 billion searches for the term on the platform- and the aesthetic film Saltburn. Characterized by use of dark colours, a mix of quirky and vintage decor items, and an overall atmosphere that feels both scholarly and nostalgic, the trend is slowly but surely making its way into bathroom design. Look around you and you're likely to notice subtle references to the trend everywhere, particularly in the use of interior surface styles like wall panelling and rich colours like dark green and deep brown.

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Bathroom trends 2024 4

Intimidating at first, the Dark Academia trend can be utilised in your bathroom by layering dark colours, using brass and introducing wood, wallpaper and traditional elements to your bathroom scheme. The perfect place to retire with a book, a quintessential freestanding bath tub with clawfoot detailing is a must.

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Bathroom Furniture: Opt for furniture that exudes an old-world charm. Dark-toned traditional vanities with brass handles or fixtures are ideal. Consider adding a classic bookshelf or a vintage-style cabinet.

Baths: A freestanding bathtub, especially one with clawfoot detailing, is a hallmark of this trend.

Bathroom Taps and Showers: Choose brass taps and shower fixtures to complement this design trend.

Bathroom Tiles and Surfaces: Wall panelling in dark greens, warm blacks or earthy colours is an effective way to create the look, while stripe tiles and chequerboard flooring add visual interest.

Bathroom Paint & colour palettes: Create an intimate atmosphere using warm earthy tones in dark shades.

Bathroom Decor: Decorate with vintage or antique items like old maps, framed classic art, or brass candlesticks. Include elements that evoke a sense of history and charm.

Concierge Juniper Green 800mm Lifestyle


Bathroom Trends - Decor

Green, in its rich spectrum, continues to appeal into 2024, with interior brands ushering in a wave of lush green hues, reminiscent of nature's deepest tones. However, this trend is about more than just colour- leaning on buzzwords like biophilia, wellness and spathrooms- it demonstrates that this shift towards organic aesthetics in home design is more than a fleeting fancy. It's a nod to the growing consumer craving to infuse their interiors with the essence of the outdoors. With a notable uptick in global searches for "green" (WGSN reports a 7.4% increase year-over-year) and a surge in Australian and UK Pinterest searches for green-themed decor, this verdant palette will shape our living spaces for seasons ahead, offering a refreshing retreat from the urban grind.

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Bathroom Furniture: Choose pieces in varying shades of green or natural wood finishes to complement the green theme. Furniture with plant motifs or organic shapes enhances the biophilic design.

Baths: Opt for baths in natural stone or with green tiling around them. Freestanding baths in primary bathrooms with greenery can create an oasis-like feel.

Bathroom Taps and Showers: Select fixtures in brass or copper to contrast with the green, adding a touch of warmth and luxury.

Bathroom Tiles and Surfaces: Use tiles in green tones or patterns that mimic natural textures like leaves or moss.

Bathroom Paint & colour palettes: Employ shades of green, from sage to forest, complemented by neutral tones to maintain balance and tranquillity.

Bathroom Decor: Incorporate live plants, botanical prints, and natural materials like bamboo or stone to emphasise the connection with nature.

quiet luxury

Bathroom Trends- Decor

The continuing trend for quiet luxury is indicative of greater, conscious changes in consumer habits- a focus on investing in select, timeless pieces. Emphasizing a serene and sophisticated aesthetic, this trend is characterized by minimalism and organization, focusing on creating a space that is both tranquil and luxurious without being overly extravagant.

Bathroom ideas dark veined marble and brass shower
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Bathroom Furniture: Opt for sleek, minimalist bathroom furniture with clean lines and high-quality materials. Pieces should be functional but also exude a sense of understated elegance. Neutral colours and subtle designs are preferred, ensuring the furniture complements the calming atmosphere.

Baths: Freestanding bathtubs, especially in understated designs, align well with the quiet luxury trend. These baths should serve as a centrepiece of relaxation without overwhelming the space. Natural materials and soft, rounded shapes are ideal.

Bathroom Taps and Showers: Choose fittings that offer a spa-like experience, such as massaging showers and hydrotherapy features. The hardware should be of high quality but with a simple, elegant design that speaks to the trend's emphasis on refined luxury.

Bathroom Tiles and Surfaces: The use of luxury materials that sing rather than shout is key. Think calming bathroom colour ideas, like warm neutrals or soft, earthy tones. The surfaces should evoke a mood of tranquillity and peace.

Bathroom Paint & colour palettes: Soft, muted colour palettes are ideal for creating a quiet luxurious atmosphere. Gentle colours found in nature, warm neutrals, and a beige palette can create a sense of calm and serenity in the bathroom.

Bathroom Decor: Decor should be minimal and carefully curated to maintain a clutter-free environment. Every item should have a purpose and contribute to the overall sense of tranquillity and sophistication in the space.

Why we love it: The quiet luxury trend in bathrooms is loved for its ability to create a peaceful, calming environment where one can unwind and recharge. This trend allows for the creation of a luxurious space that is sophisticated yet unassuming, making it the perfect sanctuary for relaxation and self-care.

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Bathroom Trends - Colour

While green in general continues to flourish in the interior world, sage green in particular has grown to be a clear favourite in interior designer circles. Fresh yet comforting; sage green sits well alongside other popular earthy colours for 2024, and has been introduced in several guises by paint brands such as Graham & Brown (Viridis Green), Dulux (Bean Counter) and Pantone (Watercress), while WGSN predicts Sage Leaf by Coloro to be the stand out colour of the year.

Frame Mirror Brass lifestyle


Bathroom Trends - Colour

Earthy tones are gaining momentum in bathroom design for their grounding and soothing effects. These hues, inspired by natural elements like soil, clay, and sand, create a warm and welcoming environment. They work exceptionally well in bathrooms, offering a soft backdrop that complements natural materials like wood, stone, and ceramics. Earthy tones also pair beautifully with both warm metals and cool accents, providing flexibility in design choices.

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Layered Colour

In 2024, the trend in bathroom paint and walls is all about layered, tone-on-tone colours. This approach uses various tones and shades to create depth and interest. It's not just about painting walls but about creating an experience through colour. Layered colours can be used to highlight architectural features, create zones within the bathroom, or simply add a dynamic and vibrant feel to the space.


Bathroom Trends - Surfaces

Tiles in 2024 have been reimagined in bolder and more impactful ways for the bathroom. Not only are striped tiles in abundance and used in a variety of configurations, but designers are using vertical tiles to create tiled, pinstripe walls in seaside colours. Chessboard and chequerboard floors can be seen in both bathroom and kitchen designs in classic Victorian palettes, while checkered mosaic wall tiles embrace softer, more feminine colours. Style your pattern tiles with either traditional furniture for a Victorian feel, or opt for a modern vanity for a contemporary take on the look.

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Bathroom tile trends 2024 2
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Bathroom tile trends 2024 3
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Keswick showers


Bathroom Trends - Surfaces

Luxury is redefined in bathroom surface design for 2024. We're seeing a return to opulence with bold marble tiles, gold and brass finishes, mixed metals, and richly toned woods. These materials are used not just for their aesthetic appeal but also for their durability and timelessness. The use of these luxe materials creates a bathroom that feels both modern and enduringly stylish. brown veining brushed bronze

Bathroom tile trends 2024 4

Textured Surfaces

On the other end of the spectrum, rustic textures are making a big impact. This includes antique finishes, handmade zellige tiles, textured tiles, limewash, Venetian plaster, and fluted wall panelling and furniture. Revived from the 1970s, cork flooring is even making a welcome return to bathrooms and kitchens, lending warmth and interest to otherwise clinical spaces. These textures bring an organic, earthy feel to the bathroom, creating a space that feels grounded and calming.

Square Grid Tile Design

The square tile makes a comeback, offering a classic, clean look that works well in both modern and traditional designs. Once thought of as bland and clinical, it is the square tile’s simplicity that allows for creative experimentation with colour and texture. Designers are now embracing bold colours, textured finishes, or patterned designs within the square format to add visual interest and personality to bathroom spaces.

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Layered Bathroom Lighting

Bathroom Trends - Fittings

In 2024, bathroom lighting is moving beyond mere functionality to become a statement piece. Innovative lighting solutions blend aesthetics with technology, featuring lights that adapt to the time of day and enhance the mood and energy of the space. There's a growing trend towards hidden lighting that illuminates spaces indirectly, such as in shower alcoves or under vanity units, creating a more ambient atmosphere. In the same vein, bathroom lights are becoming a focal point in bathrooms, serving as centrepieces or framing vanity units.

Concierge Coniston Blue wiith Ritual Mirror and fluted wall lights

Enclosed Showers

A natural progression from the wetroom trend of 2023 is the rise of the enclosed shower space. Interior designers are moving away from the exposed glass cube in the corner and creating a separate room by strategically concealing the shower space within the bathroom itself. Replace your glass shower screen with either tiles or plaster shower walls to create a personal space and a unique showering experience. Enclosed showers can include features like built-in seating or steam functions, enhancing the shower experience.

Curves and Bathroom Arches

Incorporating curves and arches in bathroom design is gaining popularity for its aesthetic appeal. Arched shower screens, curved shower walls, and alcoves contribute to a softer, more fluid bathroom design, breaking the monotony of straight lines and angles. This trend can be harmoniously integrated into various bathroom styles, adding a touch of elegance and uniqueness.

Multipurpose Spaces

The concept of multipurpose spaces is gaining momentum, with bathrooms serving multiple functions. Baths within wetrooms are a key example, blending the relaxation of a bathtub with the functionality of a shower space. Bathroom furniture is also evolving, often doubling as a vanity space, complete with integrated power outlets and smart storage. These multifunctional spaces cater to the modern lifestyle where flexibility and efficiency are paramount.


Bathroom Trends - Fittings

The year 2024 sees a rise in beautifully designed small bathrooms, downstairs toilets and cloakrooms. These spaces are not just about saving space but are becoming showcases of design ingenuity. Expect multifunctional fixtures, foldable designs, and smart storage solutions that make the most of every inch of floor space. Wall-mounted toilets, compact vanity units, and corner sinks will be popular in downstairs toilet designs, along with creative tiling and bold colour schemes to make these small spaces stand out.

A small yet sophisticated cloakroom v3
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