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5 Reasons to Choose a Concealed Toilet Cistern

A concealed toilet cistern, also known as a hidden cistern toilet, is a modern and stylish bathroom feature that is becoming increasingly popular. It involves hiding the toilet cistern behind a wall or within a cabinet, leaving only the wall hung toilet frame and the flush button visible. As people are continually looking for ways to enhance the functionality and aesthetics of their bathrooms, concealed toilet cisterns are becoming a go-to choice. In this article, we will discuss five reasons to choose a concealed toilet cistern for your bathroom renovation or new build.

Space-Saving Design

One of the main reasons to choose a concealed toilet cistern is its space-saving design. The hidden cistern toilet is perfect for small bathrooms, cloakrooms, or en-suite rooms where space is at a premium. By concealing the cistern within the wall or a slimline cabinet, you can save valuable floor space, making your bathroom feel more spacious and less cluttered.

The wall hung toilet frame also helps to create the illusion of more space, as the toilet pan appears to float above the floor. This makes it easier to clean beneath the toilet and gives your bathroom a sleek, modern look.

Improved Aesthetics

A concealed toilet cistern enhances the overall appearance of your bathroom. By hiding the cistern and associated pipework, you achieve a clean and streamlined look that is both functional and visually appealing. This minimalist design complements a variety of bathroom styles, from contemporary to traditional, and can be tailored to suit your individual taste.

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In the details

The flush plate or push button toilet cistern can be chosen in a range of finishes, materials, and designs to match your bathroom's décor. Additionally, since the cistern is hidden, you can easily access it for maintenance without disrupting the aesthetic of your bathroom.

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Enhanced Hygiene and Easy Maintenance

A hidden cistern toilet offers enhanced hygiene due to its design. With the cistern concealed and the toilet pan suspended above the floor, it is much easier to clean the entire area around and beneath the toilet. There are fewer nooks and crannies where dirt and germs can accumulate, making it simpler to maintain a clean and hygienic bathroom environment.

The push button toilet cistern also offers easy maintenance, as it can be accessed through the flush plate for any necessary repairs or adjustments. This means that you do not need to remove any tiles or dismantle your bathroom to access the cistern. The wall hung toilet frame is also designed to support the weight of the toilet pan and user, making it a durable and long-lasting solution.

Increased Property Value

Investing in a concealed toilet cistern can add value to your property. A well-designed, modern bathroom is highly desirable to potential buyers, and the sleek, minimalist appearance of a hidden cistern toilet can make your bathroom stand out from the competition. Additionally, the space-saving design and water efficiency features are attractive to buyers who are conscious of environmental impact and utility costs.

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Water Efficiency

Go green

Concealed toilet cisterns are designed with water efficiency in mind. They typically feature dual flush systems, allowing you to choose between a full flush or a reduced flush, depending on your needs. This can significantly reduce water consumption, resulting in lower water bills and a more eco-friendly bathroom. By choosing a concealed toilet cistern with an adjustable flush volume, you can further customize your bathroom's water usage to suit your preferences and the requirements of your local water regulations.

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