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5 of Our Favourite Bathroom Wall Trends for 2020

We're already looking into another decade of interior design trends! Here is our little list of wall decor trends we think will make the cut.

Unlike other areas of the home, bathroom walls are overlooked in favour of the practical and unadventurous. Our focus on creating a clean, sanitary space means that all too often we keep to a banal palette of blue and white or a simple subway or square tile pattern. Yet 2019 saw a shift in thinking with a profusion of wall and paint trends making their way into the bathroom space. To everyone's surprise, terrazzo reinvented itself as a subtle, natural and sustainable way to introduce hints of colour; steel grey Scandi-Noir walls created atmosphere and depth, while bold, maximalist wallpaper lent charm and whimsy to even smaller bathroom spaces.

Keeping with this movement for of-the-moment surfaces, we’ve rounded up five of our favorite bathroom wall trends we hope to be seeing more of in 2020!

Desert Tones

Gone are the days when bathrooms were restricted to cold, clinical colours. Desert hues like rust, calamine, cantaloupe, and terracotta can already be seen warming up living room walls across Instagram and Pinterest, but we predict the style will soon make its way into the bathroom, particularly as a two-tone light and dark combination. Make your bathroom glow even more by combining these earthy colours with brass accessories, or create contrast with matte black brassware.


Already a firm favourite with minimalist architects and designers, this lime-based plaster is commonly used in Berber homes as a practical, water-proof surface for the entire bathroom. Coated in a layer of olive-oil soap that gives it a unique finish, Tadelakt adds texture and patina to soften contemporary spaces and an artisanal touch to more bohemian bathroom schemes. This natural material is perfect for creating subtle interest on large plain walls and can be coloured in lighter colours like soft pink and beige, or deeper greys and anthracites for real drama.

Textured Tiles

It’s very possible you have already seen this trend gracing the pages of the more high brow interiors magazines, but dimensional tiles are set to become even more popular and accessible in 2020. Designs like Kaufmann Keramic’s concertina effect ceramic tile bars are the latest way to elevate to your bathroom walls, while more subtle textures that incorporate linear elements are a more toned-down way of incorporating the trend.

Natural Herringbone

I know what you’re thinking- herringbone tiles are nothing new. In fact, you could go so far as to say that this style has been eclipsed by an abundance of interesting new tile shapes - hexagonal, scale and even circular tiles to name a few. That said, we are set to see a new expression of this popular design, and unlike before, it’s all about the materials and installation. Pure stone, marble and plain porcelain herringbone tiles will take the place of their more colourful counterparts, with the focus being on the beauty of the stone and the simple, homogenous effect of a single colour. Grouting should be white or matching the tile, bucking the trend for grey and contrasting materials to give a subtle yet lustrous pattern effect for your bathroom wall.

Neo Mint

It’s impossible to mention the words ‘colour’ and ‘2020’ in one sentence without saying something about the most talked-about tone of the year. Predicted to be the millennial pink of the next decade, neo-mint is a fresh, gender-neutral colour that blends a tech-inspired neon with soft, natural mint to create a shade that is invigorating and youthful. Being bold, bright and a touch novel, we don’t recommend using this in your bathroom as a single, flat colour. Instead, add texture and depth to neo-mint by incorporating it into tiles and feature walls.

Why not share your bathroom ideas and inspirational interiors via @myroperrhodes on our Instagram page?

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