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In the world of design, finding innovative ways to maximise space while maintaining functionality and style is key. One popular solution that combines the convenience of a shower with the luxury of a bath is the shower over bath. With various options available, including corner shower over baths, fitted corner shower over baths, traditional shower over baths, and modern shower over baths, this versatile solution offers the best of both worlds.

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Corner Shower Over Baths

Traditional and contemporary styles...

When space is limited, corner shower over baths become a perfect choice. By utilising the corner area, these baths save valuable floor space while offering a generous bathing area. The showering end can be fitted with a convenient handheld shower, allowing for flexible and targeted washing. Corner shower over baths are ideal for smaller bathrooms or those looking to save space.

Bathroom Ideas Note Corner Bath
Widcombe Corner Shower Bathtub Cropped Square 2
  • Widcombe

    The Widcombe corner bath features classic detailing and can be easily paired with your choice of bath filler and shower system for the perfect bathing experience.

  • Keswick Brassware

    Discover our collection of traditional bathroom taps. From basin mixers to pillar taps and bath shower mixers, our traditional brassware ranges beautifully combine form and function. With elegant inlay and cross-lever details, our traditional brassware collections invite you to create a balanced and cohesive bathroom space.

Fitted Corner Shower Over Baths

For a seamless and tailored look, fitted corner shower over baths provide a cohesive and elegant solution. With straight edges and lines, these baths blend harmoniously with the overall bathroom aesthetic. By combining the invigorating shower experience with the functionality of a bath, fitted corner shower over baths create a contemporary and space-saving option.

Traditional Shower Over Baths

For those who appreciate classic design, traditional shower over baths offer a touch of timeless elegance. These baths feature straight sides and a showering end with a generous area, allowing you to enjoy a refreshing shower or a leisurely bath. Paired with stylish bath taps, traditional shower over baths add a touch of sophistication to any bathroom.

Benefits and Features of a Shower Bath

  • A versatile solution for different bathroom layouts and sizes, including small bathrooms and smaller spaces.
  • Saves space by combining the functionality of a shower and a bath into a single fixture.
  • Provides a generous bathing area while still offering an invigorating shower experience.
  • Various different shapes are available, including straight baths and shaped shower baths, to suit different bathroom designs including a smaller bathroom or a slightly wider bathroom.
  • Maximises natural light in the bathroom, making it feel more spacious and airy.
  • Options for matching curved screens to prevent water splashes and create a cohesive look.
  • Offers a contemporary look with modern options or a timeless appeal with traditional designs.
  • Perfect for those who enjoy both bathing and showering, providing more room for personal preferences.
  • Family Bathrooms can benefit from a shower over bath, due to the versatility and space saving.

Modern Shower Over Baths

If you prefer a sleek and contemporary look, the modern option can spruce up a range of different bathrooms. Shower over baths are the correct option for you; with their clean lines and seamless finish, these baths are fresh and inviting atmosphere. Designed to fit different bathroom floorplan and sizes, modern shower over baths provide the ultimate combination of functionality and style.

Shower Baths FAQ's

Yes, shower baths are a fantastic idea for many bathrooms. All of our shower baths combine the best of both worlds by combining the functionality of a shower and the luxury of a bath in a single fixture. Shower baths are especially beneficial for small spaces or those looking to save space while still enjoying the convenience and relaxation of bathing.

Absolutely! Installing a shower over a bathtub is a common practice. In fact, it's one of the key features of a shower bath. By incorporating a showerhead and appropriate fixtures, you can transform your bathtub into a versatile bathing and showering solution.

The advantage of a shower over a bath is that it maximises space and functionality in your bathroom. It provides the convenience of a shower for quick rinses and efficient washing, while still offering the option of a relaxing bath. Shower baths are a perfect choice for those who have limited space or desire a versatile bathing experience.

While shower baths offer many advantages, there are a few considerations to keep in mind. One potential disadvantage is the limited bathing area compared to a standalone bath. The showering end may have a slightly wider area to accommodate the shower head, which could reduce the overall width available for bathing. Additionally, some may find it less comfortable to take a bath in a shower bath due to the straight edges and lines of the design. However, these minor drawbacks are often outweighed by the space-saving benefits and convenience offered by shower baths.

You can pair your shower over bath with a selection of bathroom brassware, most importantly you can design a custom brassware look using a complete overhead shower system. Many shower options can be chosen to suit your needs, starting with a shower valve, a shower head, and a bath filler. This provides a practical solution to suit family bathrooms as well as small bathrooms. You can choose a shower head based on the style, from traditional or modern styling. A shower head can be mounted on the ceiling or with one of our shower arm to the bathroom wall. This can create a unique look in your bathroom space.

Many shower over baths require a shower screen or shower curtain to prevent the water from spilling across any bathroom. You can choose from a range of shower screens in a range of sizes to suit the size of your freestanding shower bath. Whilst also having a choice of finish, shape and style to provide the aesthetic you are looking for.

There are a selection of shower baths that come in a wide range of shapes and sizes. A shower over bath is common in the modern bathroom for thier ease and is recognised also as a standard bath. Our freestanding shower baths do not require bath panels to be paired with it, as they offer the aesthetic of a freestanding bath. Below we have defined the range of shower baths available:

L shaped shower over bath

  • An L-shaped bath, also known as a corner bath, is a type of bathtub designed to fit into the corner of a bathroom. As the name suggests, it has an L shaped when viewed from above, with one longer side and one shorter side. This design optimizes the use of space in smaller bathrooms where a traditional rectangular bathtub might not fit comfortably.
  • L-shaped baths are often chosen for their space-saving qualities and their ability to make the most of awkward or unused corners in a bathroom. They typically have a wider and deeper end for stretching out, and a narrower end for showering. Some L shaped shower baths also come with integrated shower screens or enclosures, making them versatile for both bathing and showering purposes.
  • These baths are available in various materials, sizes, and styles to suit different preferences and bathroom layouts. They can be made from materials like acrylic, fiberglass, or even porcelain-enameled steel, and they come in both modern and more traditional designs to match the overall aesthetic of the bathroom.

P shaped shower baths

  • A P-shaped shower bath is a type of bathtub that combines the features of both a standard bathtub and a shower enclosure. The name "P-shaped" comes from the shape of the bath when viewed from above, which resembles the letter "P." This type of bath is designed to provide a spacious area for both bathing and showering, making it a practical solution for bathrooms where space is limited.
  • The P shaped baths typically has a curved or rounded end, resembling the rounded part of the letter "P," and a wider, rectangular end that offers more space for showering. The curved end provides a comfortable bathing area, while the larger rectangular end accommodates a shower space. Some P-shaped shower baths also come with a curved glass shower screen or enclosure to prevent water from splashing onto the bathroom floor.
  • The design of the P shaped bath allows for versatile use, making it suitable for both relaxation through baths and efficient showering. This type of bath is especially popular in bathrooms where there is not enough room to install separate shower and bathtub units. Like L-shaped baths, P shaped baths are available in various sizes, materials, and styles to match different bathroom aesthetics and preferences.

J shaped bath

  • A "J-shaped bath" refers to a bathtub that has a shape resembling the letter "J" when viewed from above. This shape might include a curved or rounded end that leads into a longer, straighter section. The curved end could provide a comfortable reclining area for bathing, while the longer straight lines accommodate the shower space.