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Corner Baths

Corner baths maintain the elegance of a freestanding bath while maximizing space and coordinating beautifully with a shower system of your choice. Our Corner Baths are specifically designed for bathrooms for any small space, making them the perfect choice for a family bathroom where a bath and shower are required.

Multifunctional Design

Pair our Corner Shower Baths with one of our selections of shower systems and deck-mounted bath fillers. These multifunctional baths can serve the needs of each member of the family, from morning showers to evening baths.

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Corners baths provide the perfect solution for a small bathroom that allows you to maximise your bathroom without compromising on design.

Space-saving for smaller bathrooms

Our space-saving design means that you can position the corner bathtub to fit snugly up against wall corners in your bathroom and still have the design elements of a freestanding bath. Our small corner baths are a modern take on the standard bath, choose from either our Widcombe traditional corner bath or our contemporary Note corner bathtubs for any bathroom style. Both ranges allow you to save space that would have been taken up by a freestanding bath and utilise this for more practical purposes. By creating a bathroom with extra space, consider our huge collection of bathroom furniture to complete your choice.

Perfect family solution

A corner bath is the perfect solution for any family bathroom. A corner bath allows for the ultimate versatility is demanded by a family bathroom. Corner bathtubs meet all of your bathroom needs by pairing with a shower system and screen, as well as being paired with a bath shower mixer or bath filler. From a refreshing morning shower to providing a luxurious bathing experience that to relax at the end of the day, a corner bathtub can meet all the needs of a busy family bathroom.

Wide range of designs

With a range of versatile designs of corner bathtubs, our range of corner baths come in both left hand and right hand configurations to suit any bathroom space.

Our Widcombe Corner Bath features:

  • Optional undrilled tap-deck
  • Single-ended corner baths
  • Compatible with showers
  • All Roper Rhodes corner bathtubs are supplied with a white gloss outer surface. If you wish to paint your bath, please use suitable acrylic primers and paint. If in doubt, seek advice from the paint manufacturer.

Our Note Corner Bath features:

  • Integrated overflow channel
  • Adjustable height leveling feet
  • Compact corner bath design for smaller spaces
  • Corner fitting and compatible with showers
  • Single-ended corner bath
  • With integrated tap deck

Take a closer look at the sizes of our small corner baths on each product you can find the exact dimensions to fit your bathroom space.

A corner bath is a type of bathtub designed to fit into the corner of a bathroom, optimizing the use of space and often providing a more unique and stylish look compared to traditional freestanding or built-in bathtubs. Many corner baths are single-ended, which means that have one end that sits neatly against the walls and the other can be curved, angular, oval or more of a traditional design with bath feet or legs.

Corner baths come in various sizes and shapes, so comfort can vary. Some models offer ample space and ergonomic designs, making them quite comfortable for bathing. It's recommended to physically try out different models if possible before making a decision, get in touch with a Roper Rhodes stockist to take a look and sit our corner bathubs in person.

It's possible to replace a standard bathtub with a corner bath, but this might require some adjustments to the plumbing and potentially even altering the bathroom layout. Consulting a professional contractor or plumber before making the switch is recommended.

While corner baths are great for maximizing space in small bathrooms, they might not be suitable for larger bathrooms with ample space. In such cases, a larger freestanding or built-in bathtub might be more appropriate.

You can find corner baths at bathroom supply stores and home improvement stores. Make sure to research different options, read reviews, and potentially visit physical stores to see the baths in person before making a purchase. You can find a Roper Rhodes stockist here.

Offset baths are designed to be angular and often focus on the convenience rather than the comfort and ergonomic bathing experience. Many offset baths feature a space saver design but this can often prevent the person from lying in a relaxing bathing position. A corner bath can provide the ultimate solution for comfort, relaxation and style choice. You can achieve the aesthetic look of a freestanding bath whilst having the practical elements of space saver designs.

The sizes of our Widcombe and Note corner baths can be found here. A small corner bath can often between 1500 to 1700 in length. Our corner bathtubs vary in size and width, take a closer look at each of the pages to find the detailed technical drawings and information.

Our corner bathtubs are designed to combine the aesthetics of a freestanding bath combined with the practical elements of a traditional corner bath. This marriage of design and function allows our baths to be perfect for any modern home. If you are looking for a bath panel, you can colour match our bath panels to our bathroom furniture.

Our selection of corner bathtubs are made from Acrylic with all of our contemporary designed tub, Note, Paradigm, Accent and Harrow feature an integrated overflow channel. You are also able to choose from three finishes, Chrome, Brushed Brass and Black for your click waste.

A corner bath can vary widely in price, just like regular bathtubs. The cost depends on factors like the material, design, features (such as jets), and size. While some corner bathtubs might be more expensive due to their unique design, there are options available for various budget.

Depending on the bathroom look you are trying to achieve in your room, you can opt for more of a modern brassware or a classic styling of taps in your house. The shape of brassware can vary, so it is worth considering our recommended tap ranges to accompany our corner bath styles. We suggest that for our Widcombe corner bath, you consider our Keswick selection of taps or showers. With our Widcombe selection, you are able to choose from a wide choice of bath accessories to accompany your shower bath including, overflow kit and click waste, p-trap, exposed drain pipe along with tap shrouds.

For our sleek corner bathtubs, Note, Accent and Paradigm our Storm-nova range of brassware does well to complement to angular edges of a bath. All of these brassware ranges help to create a luxury bathroom.