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Traditional Bathrooms

Discover our classically inspired collections across furniture, fitted bathroom furniture, traditional baths, sanitaryware, mirrors, brassware and accessories to help you create a seamless, heritage look to suit a wide range of traditional bathroom suites. Scroll for inspiration or simply browse our complete collection below.


Traditional Bathroom Ideas

Whether you're planning a complete remodel or just want to spruce up your bathroom, timeless design ideas are an excellent choice that will stand the test of time; a traditional bathroom can create a real sense of luxury. One great idea is to use natural materials, such as solid wood, to create that traditional, timeless look. Your bathroom renovation can be anything from changing the bathroom flooring to marble tile or adding a free standing bathtub and some brass brushed basin taps. A timeless bathroom style will add character and create visual interest for any guests or visitors. Ultimately, timeless ideas show that bathrooms don't have to follow current trends, as, with simple adjustments, you can create your own style that blends elegance, simplicity, and style for years to come.

Traditional Bathroom FAQs

Having a traditional bathroom style is beneficial because it will prevent you from having to change your bathroom style every few years, saving you time and investment. A new bathroom is a great opportunity to reconsider your bathroom configuration, you could consider adding in a freestanding bath or change the layout of the room to feature a separate shower. However, when remodeling for a new bathroom make sure the bathroom design is future-proof and considers the requirements, style, and colour choices to ensure the bathroom recreates a classic bathroom space.

Timeless bathroom designs can be beneficial due to their versatility and convenience. The traditional and classic styles last for many years, requiring little effort in remodelling or upkeep while still remaining aesthetically pleasing. You don't need to change your entire bathroom scheme every couple of years either, as timeless décor will always be in style.

If you are wanting a traditional bathroom design, brushed brass taps can be a great purchase. The brushed finish also helps to conceal scratches and fingerprints, meaning no polishing is required to keep the taps looking their best.

Any traditional bathroom has a selection of design ideas or themes that make it a classic look that never goes out of style. Firstly, the use of natural materials such as painted wooden cabinetry, shelving, or wood effect flooring makes the bathroom feel warm, inviting, and a cosy traditional bathroom design. Natural materials also incorporate the use of textures and a choice of natural stone floor tiles, penny tiles, or marble tiles for the walls. They are key design cornerstones of the design in heritage bathrooms and bringing together these key elements accompanied by the classic features of period homes creates a unique traditional bathroom.

The key to a timeless style is to choose colours that are adding colour to your room without distracting away from the period features of a timeless bathroom. Neutral colours such as soft creams, soft sage green, dusty blue or muted greys are synonymous with a traditional bathroom. The key to choosing the right colour for all areas of your bathroom space is trying several colour swatches or paint samples in a range of lights. The most accurate reflection of colour is often in natural light so be sure to make sure you are maximising the light that flows into your bathroom. Consider how you are using the light and if you find that you need to add in some more lighting, many of our traditional bathroom mirrors come with illuminated mirrors.

Many traditional bathrooms start with a focal point of the bathroom design. This can depend on the space that is available, the requirements of each bathroom are unique, whether it's a multifunctional family bathroom or an architectural contemporary bathroom. When thinking of traditional bathroom ideas, many people associate a roll top bath, bathroom furniture or vanity units, exposed overhead shower, traditional fixtures and fitting with ornate handles, and ceramic detailing often in bright brushed brass or a classic chrome finish. Many of our traditional taps or traditional showers are inspired by timeless designs but are combined with functionality that can stand the test of time.

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Traditional Bathroom Inspiration