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Running our Business Responsibly

Towards a brighter future.

Roper Rhodes is dedicated to responsible sourcing and the principles of the circular economy. We require our suppliers to adhere to international standards and our ethical principles, facilitated by our membership in Sedex, which helps us gather data on ethical practices, conduct risk assessments, and perform audits in our business and supply chain. Embracing the Circular Economy Principles, we are committed to designing our products to minimize waste and pollution, maximize the reuse of materials, and contribute to regenerating nature. To this end, we have initiated a training programme on the Circular Economy and have begun identifying and implementing opportunities to apply these principles.

United Nations Sustainable Development Goals

Roper Rhodes has aligned our business initiatives and goals with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals 8, 9 and 12

Business goals
Sustainable Product Design

Sustainable Product Design

We have committed to ensuring that we design our products in line with the Circular Economy Principles – designing out waste and pollution, keeping materials in use, and regenerating nature. In line with this objective, we have started the training programme on the Circular Economy, completed the first workshops with all our designers and category managers, and identified first opportunities to apply the circular economy principles.



In line with our commitment to responsible sourcing, we ask our suppliers to align with international standards, and with our principles. We are AB Sedex Members, which allows us to collect data on ethical & and responsible practices across our business and supply chain, run risk assessments, and run ethical audits. We are collaborating with our suppliers to provide us solely with chain-of-custody-certified wood.

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