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Preparing Your Bathroom for Furniture Installation: A Checklist

Preparing Your Bathroom for Furniture Installation: A Checklist

Installing new furniture in your bathroom can be an exciting upgrade that adds both functionality and style to the space.

From freestanding to wall-hung options, Roper Rhodes offers a wide range of bathroom furniture products to suit any taste or need. However, before you start installing your new bathroom furniture, certain preparations must be made to ensure a smooth and hassle-free process.

Here's a checklist of things you should do before installation day:

Measure the Space

Before beginning the process of transforming your bathroom into the luxurious oasis of your dreams, it is absolutely crucial to understand the lay of the land. Making a careful calculation of the available space will help settle any lingering questions when you move on to choosing furniture and fixtures. Careful consideration of these measurements will ensure a seamless remodelling experience.

Now you can purchase stylish components that perfectly fit without having to worry about missized disrupting your vision for the room!

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Clear Out the Area

Make sure you're thorough when clearing out the area where you plan on putting in your new furniture. Round up any towels, bath mats, or toiletries that could potentially get in the way of installation and remove them from the vicinity.

Take a second look to double-check – don't just leave room for installation but also ample space that allows easy maneuverability and movement. A bathroom furniture installation expert might need an obstacle-free environment to do a good job of setting it up!

Check Plumbing Connections

If you are replacing an existing piece of furniture with a new one, check if there are any plumbing connections needed for proper fitting of fixtures like double vanity units, or back-to-wall WC units. Make sure these connections are working properly before starting work on installation day.

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Prepare Walls and Flooring

Before you can put up new fixtures, you may need to make repairs on walls or flooring where the old ones were previously installed. To avoid unseen issues down the road, it is beneficial to double-check for any cracks or leaks beforehand. This will ensure that whatever fixtures you choose will last longer and remain firmly in place. Few people would understand how one faulty attachment could render an entire installation insecure and damage the structural integrity needed for long-term usage!

With a keen eye inspection, minor cracks are easily repaired which preserves functionality and reduces future problems significantly.

Choosing the Right Bathroom Furniture for Your Needs

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When choosing new bathroom furniture, it's essential to consider the different types of furniture available and which ones may work best for your bathroom layout and needs. Freestanding bathroom furniture versus wall-mounted options, for example, may offer different benefits depending on your space.

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Decide on Fittings

When choosing fittings such as handles and brassware for fitted bathroom furnishings from Roper Rhodes’ collection of stylish accessories, decide whether they match with other elements in your room ahead of time so everything looks cohesive once installed!

With these simple steps completed beforehand, installing new bathroom furnishings becomes much easier. Remembering details like measuring spaces correctly is crucial when planning installations--this ensures nothing goes wrong during setup day itself!

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