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Our guide to buying your bathroom taps

Shopping for a new bathroom tap can be confusing with such a wide selection of shapes, sizes, styles available. Our guide to buying bathroom taps makes it easier to find the right one for you. There are a range of different types to suit the wide range of basin options available. Many basins have the choice of one or two tap holes, highlighting the first step in selecting your tap.

Basin Taps

Basin Taps

Traditional, timeless and with a distinctly old-world feel, our basin tap pairs are designed with efficiency and longevity in mind. The traditional styling of ceramic handles or cross hatched knobs provide a modern take on a heritage design.

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Basin Mixers

Basin Mixers

Basin mixers conveniently blend hot and cold-water sources to provide the ideal and balanced water temperature. Requiring only a single tap hole basin and available in wide range of styles, makes this is a popular brassware choice.

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Mini Basin Mixers

Mini Basin Mixers

Our extensive collection of mini basin mixers are a smaller version of our standard basin mixer suitable for en-suites, slim depth basins and smaller spaces.

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Wall Mounted Taps

Wall Mounted Taps

Create a true ‘wow’ factor moment in your bathroom with a waterfall tap or spout. The cascading water provides a stunning water fall effect into your bathroom basin or bath.

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Create a co-ordinated look

Our bathroom taps and brassware come is three modern finishes, a high shine chrome, a luxe brushed brass and a matt black. You can create your desired bathroom look with matching taps, basin mixers, shower mixers and accessories.

Coping under the pressure

The UK is unique in that many homes are still using more traditional, low pressure gravity fed plumbing systems commonly found in older properties. Many of our taps operate from low to high water pressure, making it easier to select the right tap based on the water flow rate in your home. Look out for the below icons to be sure:

We recommend that you seek advice from your plumber before purchasing, they will advise you on the plumbing system you have and the likely water pressure it can achieve.

Basin types

To ensure your taps are suitable for your basin’s, make sure you have measured the depth of your new or existing basin before purchasing. Many standard basin mixers complement 800mm and above basins.

Whereas slim basin mixers are especially designed to work with proportions or 500mm & 600mm basins and mini basin mixers are proportionally even smaller for cloakrooms.

Co-ordinated showers

Whether it’s the heritage style of ball terminal turn handles in the Cranborne collection or the sleek contemporary design of our Craft collection, there is something for all bathroom styles. If you are looking for co-ordinated your taps shower systems, take a look at our matching shower collections to continue a seamless style across your whole bathroom.

Bathroom Taps FAQ's

Yes, we offer a wide range of traditional bathroom taps in various styles and finishes. Whether you prefer classic brass or elegant silver, we have the perfect taps to complement your traditional bathroom decor.

Yes, we stock a variety of bath shower mixer taps that provide the convenience of both a bath tap and a shower head. These versatile taps allow you to easily switch between filling your bath and enjoying a refreshing shower, saving you both space and money.

No, bathroom taps come in different sizes and configurations to suit various installations. It's essential to consider the number of tap holes in your bath or basin when selecting new taps. We offer a range of options to accommodate different tap hole configurations and ensure a proper fit.

Installing a bathroom tap can be a straightforward task for those with basic plumbing knowledge and experience. However, if you're unsure or prefer professional assistance, we recommend consulting a plumber to ensure proper installation and to avoid any potential water system issues.

The lifespan of bathroom taps can vary depending on factors such as usage, water quality, and maintenance. However, high-quality taps from industry-leading brands, such as Ideal Standard, are built to last and can provide years of reliable service.

The popularity of taps can change over time as styles and trends evolve. Our customers often favour mixer taps, which offer a seamless blend of hot and cold water and are available in both traditional and contemporary designs.

While coordinating your taps with your shower head can create a cohesive look in your bathroom, it ultimately depends on your personal tastes and the overall style you wish to achieve. We offer a wide range of taps and shower heads, allowing you to mix and match to create the perfect combination for your bathroom.