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5 Ways to Refresh your Bathroom in Under a Day

What a difference a day makes.

If your bathroom is in serious need of a renovation but time and budget won’t permit it, there are easy, cheap and quick ways to update and refresh your washroom without tearing out pipes and knocking walls!  From a fresh set of colourful towels to a bit of DIY grouting, there are simple, effective changes you can make in the space of just a day.

Step 1

Bathroom Textiles

The newest trend in bathroom accessories takes the shabby, worn bath mat of old to a new level of bathroom chic. Popularised by the ‘California Cool’ or ‘Cali Style’ interior trends, this style has crept into the bathroom space, bringing with it the rich textures and warm neutral colours it’s known for. Whether you opt for a bohemian style oriental rug, a neutral rag rug or even a decadent sheepskin (at safe distance), you’d be surprised at the difference a bathmat upgrade can make, introducing colour and interest to your bathroom.

Alternatively, play it safe and swap out old, greying bath towels for something with a bit of character. The hammam towel is the latest trend in bathroom textiles. A thin, lightweight and super absorbent material that dries quickly, a hammam towel instantly adds a Scandi look to your bathroom.

Why not make a focal point of your new towels and simply prop a convenient bathroom storage ladder against an empty wall space for a quick, stylish update?

TIME: Take 40 minutes out of your day to give your bathroom a quick clean, put down your new rug and style your towels.
Aruba Mocha run with cover BTW and Basin lifestyle
  • Tasteful textiles

    Refresh tired, greying towels with either classic bright white or patterned options. Make a feature of simple bathroom textiles by storing them in a wire basket.

  • Plant life

    Add a calming botanical touch with a few eucalyptus stems in a simple vase.

Step 2

Bathroom Artwork

So often overlooked as a space for wall art, adding a print or painting can instantly update your space and help to create an overall style in your bathroom. While we don't recommend hanging any masterpieces in a naturally wet environment, decorating bathroom walls with a few inexpensive prints, or even creating a gallery wall is a charming way to add interest and makes for a quick refresh. Artwork with subtle colours or simple lines work especially well- think monochrome, greens and blues so as not to overwhelm your space.

TIME: Once you've chosen a print you love, take just 10 minutes to find a suitable wall with good lighting
Charcoal Elm fitted furniture run lifestyle

A Fine Art

The addition of a simple print can add character to your bathroom. Choose a design that suits your colour scheme and the overall style of your washroom.

Charcoal Elm furniture top down view of Accent sanitaryware lifestyle

Step 3

Lighting, Mirrors and Storage

Lighting is important in every room of your home, but that is especially true of the bathroom. Bathroom lighting should be stylish and functional, with light that adapts well to the time of day and adds atmosphere to the room. Instantly update your bathroom by fitting a light temperature changing illuminated mirror that allows for careful observation in the mornings and a calming low light in the evenings. Add to the overall look of your bathroom by changing your ceiling light to a pendant light, or fit a wall light with an exposed Edison bulb for a quick bathroom update.

From half used shampoo bottles to razors to toilet rolls, we are all aware of how quickly a bathroom can look cluttered. Investing in pretty storage solutions such as a new soap dispenser, a sea-grass basket or some drawer boxes can make a world of difference for a bathroom refresh in under an hour!

TIME: 2 hours - you might need a little help fitting your illuminated mirror and lighting, but tidying away unsightly bottles should only take 10mins!
Burford Pebble Grey 1900run Geo sink and bath roomset2

Light Up

A pendant light is a great way to instantly add style to your bathroom. Fit an Edison bulb for a distinctly industrial look.


Step 4


From traditional to contemporary or polished chrome to matt black, brassware can set the tone of your bathroom. Replacing outdated or boring fixtures is an inexpensive way of refreshing your bathroom without investing in a complete overhaul. Ensure the design appears seamless by choosing a tap or shower fixture complementary to your existing furniture and the general style of the room. Browse some of our favourites below for an instant style update.

TIME: Changing a tap is easier than you think and can take a little as 60 mins depending on your existing fixtures. follow any one of the many video tutorials available here for step by step instructions.

Step 5

Paint & Colour

It’s no surprise to anyone that a fresh coat of paint goes a long way toward reviving a space. Whether you want a fresh, clean style and opt for simple white or off-grey or want to try something dramatic, the key to achieving a new look within a day is preparation and materials. Starting with a clean surface helps paint to bond to the wall while taping edges will eliminate room for error. Filling in cracks and chips may seem time-consuming at first but will make for an impressive finished wall. Ensure your room is well ventilated by opening windows or using a cool air fan. Finally, opt for a self-priming, quick-drying paint for a new-look bathroom in less than a day.

Another easy and effective update that is especially of-the-moment is re-grouting your tiles. A porous concrete, grout can easily discolour over time, making your bathroom look drab and old. You can use a simple grout reviver to create a bright, white and clean looking bathroom. Alternatively, try something a little different with a grout colorant that can simply be painted on and absorbed by the existing grout. The dye is then easily wiped off with a cloth, only staining the grout and creating a modern, on-trend style.

TIME: 6-8 hours- unfortunately, this is the most time consuming of updates, but more than worth the effort.

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