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Slipper Baths

Step into a world of pure tranquility with our exquisite collection of slipper baths. Designed to evoke a sense of elegance and refinement, our slipper baths offer the perfect blend of timeless charm and modern comfort. Unwind, rejuvenate, and immerse yourself in the ultimate bathing experience. The iconic raised backrest allows you to recline and soak in sheer bliss, while the elegant shape adds a touch of sophistication to any bathroom.

Timeless design

Inspired by classic designs from eras gone by, our slipper baths exude timeless beauty. Whether you prefer a traditional roll top Victorian aesthetic or a more contemporary style, we have a wide range of designs to suit your taste. From sleek curves to ornate feet, every element is carefully crafted to create a focal point that will enhance the aesthetics of your bathroom.

Widcombe Slipper Foot detail 2244 copy
Widcombe slipper front on 2221 copy square

Make a statement with our stunning slipper baths and transform your bathroom into a haven of relaxation and luxury. Elevate your bathing ritual and embrace the indulgence you deserve. Our slipper baths are more than just a functional fixture—they are an exquisite addition that adds character and elegance to your space. Pair with chrome, brass, nickel or matt black brassware, depending on your design preferences.

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Whether you're looking for a contemporary slipper bath design, or something a little more traditional, our slipper bath collection features an array of designs perfect for creating a place to unwind and relax. When selecting your slipper bath, don't forget your waste or overflow.


As part of our timeless Widcombe collection, the single ended slipper bath in our Widcombe range features a soft roll top edge, statement lion claw feet and a high quality acrylic design making it the perfect bath tub for creating a centre piece in any traditional bathroom. When paired with brass taps, floor mounted stand pipes and a complementing overflow, our Widcombe freestanding bath in a slipper bath design can transform your space into a classically traditional space that wouldn't feel out of place located in a stately home. Pair your roll top slipper bath with natural stone tiles for a luxe country feel.


If you prefer a modern design, our Paradigm range offers a pair of slipper bath designs that are a great choice for those with contemporary tastes. These modern, high quality freestanding bath designs make a gorgeous centre piece in a modern bathroom, and pair beautifully with our Storm Nova range of taps. Whether you choose a gold-toned brass bath filler or a matt black bath shower mixer to complement your slipper bath design, these freestanding bath styles can transform your bathroom into a modern oasis.


Our Paradigm and Widcombe ranges offer a double and single ended slipper bath design. Perfect for ensuring ultimate comfort, a double ended slipper bath provides additional support making it the design of choice to relax into. These freestanding bath styles will complete any bathroom, giving a luxe feel to any bathroom, no matter the size of the room. Both the Paradigm and Widcombe baths are available in a longer length, so opt for a single ended slipper bath if you are short on space.


Our Widcombe range features furniture and two slipper bath designs, making it the go-to range for the traditional bathroom. With our Widcombe furniture available in a range of sizes, this premium range adds an opulent feel to any bathroom - no matter the width of the space. We love the look of our Widcombe furniture when paired with copper-look handles, and a traditional style brass basin mixer. Our Widcombe furniture range includes designs with one and two tap holes, for those wanting to recreate a timeless look that wouldn't feel out of place in a country manor.



Minimal and effortless, this modern freestanding bath offers a supportive slope for a sleek look and relaxing bathing experience. Love the look of the Paradigm slipper bath? See how our Senior Creative Producer, Zoe, created this modern oasis and what slipper baths items she includes to give you the spa look at home.


For a little contrast, our matt black Storm Nova freestanding bath shower mixer adds an element of interest. With added dark details such as our matt black slotted click waste and the darker side table, there is a contrast that makes the space feel contemporary and sophisticated. To avoid the space feeling too monochromatic, both of these slipper baths spaces use elements of green or blue in more natural materials to cut through the black and white. Choose a soft green towel, or opt for some luxe bath oil from a brand like Origins or Byredo, to add a luxurious feel to the space.


You don't just have to rely on roll top baths or a cast iron bath tub to create a sense of luxury in your bathroom. Clever use of ceramic materials and natural stone tiles will add a feeling of serenity to your room. Here Zoe uses naturally textured ceramic tiles in a soft fluted design to add interest to the neutral colour palette.