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Roll Top Baths

A style that took over in the 19th century, Roll Top baths were the epitome of luxury, opulence, and aristocracy. The timeless design has been popular for years and has seen a revival in recent years. Defined by the rounded, rolled edges that provide ultimate comfort and bath feet inspired by the original Regency lion paw design. The modern take on a roll top bath allows for more configurations, in both slipper and double ended options, and sizes from 1500 to 1700.

Timeless design reimagined

Our roll top baths are available in a range of configurations, from a slipper bath with an arced design. To our range of boat baths that feature a skirted edge to compliment traditional detailing.

Widcombe Single slipper Bath lifestyle 0973 copy
Widcombe roll top top down 2334 copy cropped

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Bathing Accessories

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