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Toilet Seats

Toilet Seats

Bathroom essentials, designed with consideration and made with the highest quality materials- our toilet seats are built to last.

As the UK’s leading supplier of toilet seats, we have an extensive range of thermoset and wood seats made from a highly durable material, more than capable of withstanding heavy household usage. Our wide range of seats includes wooden and thermoset plastic seats that come in a range of designs and styles, D-shaped or Universal with a range of features including top fixed hinges or our patented Secure-Fix hinge technology.

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One of the most common questions when purchasing a new toilet seat is whether the new toilet seat design will fit your existing pan. Fortunately, we have developed a convenient guide to check whether our toilet seats will fit your WC, without having to even use a measuring tape! Simply print out the template corresponding to the seat you would like and check the shape and dimensions against your existing toilet.



Innovative hinge technology

SecureFix is a unique, adjustable hinge technology that keeps the WC seat firmly in place at all times. A choice of holes within the WC anchor, combined with an easy-to-use fitting template that keeps the anchors in place during installation ensures the perfect WC seat fit.

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Secure-Fix Seats

Wooden Toilet Seats