Roper Rhodes | 7 Mirrors to Instantly Update Your Bathroom

7 Mirrors to Instantly Update Your Bathroom

Even the addition of a simple mirror can dramatically elevate your bathroom space.

Unlike other rooms in the home that can accommodate seasonal updates, our bathrooms are spaces into which we pour time, consideration and investment. Bathrooms are typically renovated every 15 years, meaning styles we choose now need to be able to stand the test of time as well as changing tastes. That said, there is a key element of your bathroom scheme that can be changed within a day and makes a lasting impact- your bathroom mirror.

Whether you opt for a simple illuminated mirror, a traditional option or something a little more of-the-moment, a mirror can dramatically elevate your bathroom space. With an abundance of styles to choose from, we’ve narrowed the list to seven to suit all styles and practical requirements.


The addition of a traditional mirror to a period bathroom helps to keep the style cohesive and authentic. Yet so many heritage designs fall short of meeting the demands of the modern bathroom - particularly when it comes to lighting. The Hampton mirror is a unique offering in that it combines traditional styling with useful features such as LED bulbs for practical task lighting.


When it comes to minimalism, I think our Eminence range is a great example of pared-back yet uncompromised design. A modest design that is deceptively innovative, this bathroom mirror conceals lots of practical features- a de-misting function and adjustable lighting to name a few. From an aesthetic point of view, the LED band really adds to the design, framing the mirror in ambient soft light and creating a nice focal point. It’s unadorned, practical and striking and would work well in any modern bathroom.

Soft Industrial

Soft Industrial is the newest expression of the more austere trend that has been dominating interior styles for the last decade. We’re still seeing spartan materials like steel, raw concrete, and aged brass, but in softer shapes for balance. Our Frame mirror is a great example of the soft industrial style - this mirror is edged by a slim metal band and curves into a modern and elegant circle. It looks great above a rectangular floating unit and really helps to create a striking focal point.


From boiling water taps to smart fridges, integrating technology with everyday appliances is no longer a novelty in the modern home. We wanted to offer the same level of convenience in the bathroom, so a multipurpose cabinet like our Lyric design is ideal. A versatile style with wide appeal, Lyric is built with Bluetooth technology, so you can easily pair your device to the cabinet and listen to music during your morning routine.


Closely aligned to the soft industrial trend, the split shelf mirror is infinitely practical and very much on-trend. Not only does it add to your storage space, but it’s also a lovely area to be able to style with a small vase of flowers or a pretty perfume bottle, helping to add personal touches to your bathroom. My personal favourites are the matte black designs, but you can also find really beautiful triptych fold-out old-gold versions for something a little more opulent.


Add a Midas touch to your bathroom suite with a gold or brass frame mirror. The luminosity of gold really lifts colour in a room, particularly warm clashing colours and dark contrasting walls. For an old-meets-new look combine a reclaimed or antique gold mirror with a more contemporary vanity unit, or opt for a modern shape mirror with an aged patina for a look that is subtle and layered.

Cedar and Moss
Studio Mc Gee

Soft Rectangular

Framed or unframed, distressed or modern, gold or black- the mirror shape of the moment is a soft rectangle, and its clean proportions make it perfect for the bathroom. Our Gesture mirror is designed to emulate this trend, while also featuring LED adjustable lighting. This style of frame works well above any unit type and suits modern and traditional bathroom schemes alike.

Amanda Dawbarn

Images courtesy of Sieger Design, Broste, Amanda Dawbarn, Greige Design, Style Curator, The Effortless Chic, Cedar & Moss, Studio McGee, Arkpad and Comme un Camion.

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