Summit double mirror glass door cabinet


The Summit bathroom cabinet features integrated lights that project from the front of the cabinet to provide an abundance of useful lighting. The clever design of the cabinet, which incorporates fluorescent bulbs, means that illumination is provided both outside and inside the cabinet.

This curved anodised aluminium bodied cabinet host a number of features including, double sided mirror doors, 6mm laminated safety mirror glass, adjustable glass shelves, a recharging socket for your toothbrush or shaver, an infrared no touch on/off switch, convenient removable base trays and soft close doors to further add to its luxurious feel.

The infrared no-touch on/off switch is located on the right hand side of the cabinet near the bottom.

Important: When mounting cabinets with infrared, the sensor switch must be at least 150mm from an adjacent wall or obstruction to ensure the switch can function properly.


595.00 AS615ALIL


The luxurious Summit cabinet is complemented by the lights which illuminate both outside and inside the cabinet.

  • 2x 15W T2 Fluorescent Tube
  • Soft-close double sided mirror doors
  • Recharging socket
  • 3 adjustable glass shelves

654(w) x 700(h) x 134mm(d)

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