Pursuit 900mm wall mounted unit


Already available in gloss white, alpine & charcoal elm, the welcome addition of gloss light grey into the range offers a truly sophisticated look. Pursuit is extremely flexible too – choose either the 600mm or 900mm basin unit or opt for two 600mm units side by side, united by a long solid surface worktop to create a luxurious statement 1200mm piece.

Goes with

  1. SSW9042 900mm solid surface worktop
  2. VCR1 Cell vessel basin
  3. VCR2 Rapport vessel basin
  4. VSS3 Stage vessel basin

422.00 PUR900LG


A versatile, edgy and sleek bathroom unit

  • Contemporary textured finishes
  • Versatile range with great choice of basin options
  • Spacious internal drawers

900(w) x 425(d) x 382(h)

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