600mm corner post


One of the unique features of our bath panel range is the corner post. Corner posts enable panels to be adapted for use with 1800 x 800mm or 1700 x 750mm baths. They are available in a height of 600mm, suitable for plinth installations, but can be cut down to suit your installation.

Goes with

  1. BP4000W Uno 1700mm front panel - white
  2. BP4001W Uno 700mm end panel - white
  3. BP800W 800 series 1700mm front panel - white
  4. BP801W 800 series 700mm end panel - white
  5. BP802W 800 series 750mm end panel - white

54.30 CPOST600W


Corner post enabling your choice of panel to be adapted to suit a larger bath

  • Can be cut down

600mm(h) for bath with plinths

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