On the Beat

Roper Rhodes have launched two new mirrors featuring Bluetooth wireless technology so you can sync up your Bluetooth device and play music to help you get through the daily bathroom routine –  or even fine tune your singing in the shower!

The Beat mirror is 800mm w x 600mm h and retails for £325 and the Encore mirror is 500mm w x 700mm h and retails for £295,  so gives you lots of flexibility depending on the size of your bathroom and corresponding basin.

Both mirrors enable you to listen to music  in your bathroom with Bluetooth wireless technology with superior integrated stereo speakers. Touch sensitive controls allow you to pair your smartphone, tablet or laptop to the mirror to play and control you music choices. Alternatively within range, you can use your device to control your music remotely from outside the bathroom.

What is more, they also have heated demister pads which prevent the mirrors from steaming up.

For more information on these two cutting edge mirrors, why not take a look: