Brian Roper Wins Lifetime Achievement Award

We would like to take this opportunity to congratulate Brian Roper on winning a Lifetime Achievement award at the Chronicle’s Bath Business awards for his outstanding contribution to local charity over the past 28 years. Since 1985 Roper Rhodes has given 3% of its profits to charity each year, amounting to more than £6 million.

Brian Roper, the founder of the company, has supported countless good causes in the city over the years, and says it is vital for businesses to contribute to the communities around them. He hopes that his extraordinary example will inspire others.

He said: “We do what we do because I believe that businesses should contribute to their communities. It’s not enough for them just to pay their taxes. Businesses are individual wealth centres and they should take some of the load off the state and local authorities.” He added: “Any business that can’t give just one per cent of its profits to charity is not going to be around for long.”

A well-deserved award for a truly inspirational man.