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Idol Robe Hook



minimal chrome bathroom robe hook slide image
minimal chrome bathroom robe hook slide image

Idol Robe Hook



With rounded corners and a bold profile, the Idol robe hook is well suited to a minimal or modern bathroom setting. Easy to install, this convenient towel hook helps to keep your bathroom textiles dry and clean. Create a coordinated look with the Idol collection of bathroom accessories. Full Details

15(w) x 48(h) x 50mm(d)

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Design by us. Tailored by you

bathroom accessories and illuminated round bathroom mirror Idol shower shelf lifestyle

About The Range

Sharp, clean lines and attention to detail combine beautifully in this range of wall mounted accessories. Idol has a concealed fixing system and a chrome finish.


  • With a smooth surface, easy to clean chrome finish.
  • High quality, rust and erosion resistant brass construction
  • A convenient concealed fixing system to keep wall surfaces clear and hygienic.
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Brassware Designers

Brassware Designers

Meet the team

With a combined experience of over twenty-five years, it’s safe to say they’ve mastered the art of showering. With an extensive range of contemporary designs and functions, we’ve developed a simple guide to help you choose the right one and make the most of your showering experience.

When it comes to taps, our wide range of styles means you’ll always find one to suit your taste. Why not take your design one step further and opt for coordinating taps and showers?

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