6 Clever Design Ideas for Small Bathrooms

For bathrooms that are small but perfectly formed.

Few of us have the luxury of a large home, never mind a palatial bathroom. Fortunately, there are simple steps and clever styling tricks you can employ to create a soothing, tranquil bathroom that at least feels more spacious than it is!

1. White Bathrooms

It’s hardly surprising that white and neutral tones give the impression of a lighter, brighter space and the same applies to bathroom design. White needn't be boring, however- layer a white palette by mixing textures and materials through the colour. Elevate the modest white tile with an elegant herringbone pattern, stay contemporary with a sleek white System gloss unit or lightly sand and whitewash any darker wood features for a distinctly airy Scandi look.

System 800 WM white angled lifestyle 2

White Washed

Create the illusion of space and light by using a white or neutral palette in a mix of textures & materials. All of our units are available in gloss white and versatile neutral finishes.

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Scheme 800mm Gloss Light Grey LS REV TR LR

2. Floating Units

A wall mounted or floating unit is a great way to create a more spacious feel to a smaller bathroom by opening up the floor space and creating the impression of a continuous line. Optimise on space by choosing a double drawer unit, such as our Scheme furniture range, which also features convenient in-drawer dividers.

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Float on...

Wall hung vanity units give a feeling of lightness and space to a room, as well as a clean, contemporary look.

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3. Minimalism

Make a room look larger by keeping things consistent- tiling your floor and shower enclosure in the same pattern will help prevent your bathroom from looking disjointed and busy. If you miss the whimsy of a varied space, opt for a single accent colour that runs throughout your design. According to We Buy Any House, minimalism is the most popular trend for house buyers as it allows them to see the property for what it is with no distraction, making it a highly recommended option for those looking to sell.

4. Glass Showers

Extend the feel of your bathroom with a glass shower enclosure that gives the illusion of more space. A contemporary frame-less walk-in shower is an ideal solution to a smaller space bathroom, with a pentagon, or cut rectangular style being best suited to utilising awkward corner spaces. Be sure to opt for a protective coating on your shower glass to help prevent hard water deposits to maintain the clear glass, clean lines effect. A concealed shower system such as Storm creates a streamlined look that is not only space saving but easy to clean.

Code shower system lifestyle SVSET93 water on

Thinking Clearly

Walk in or floor level showers with clear glass paneling and minimal framing are a simple way to open up small space bathrooms.

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5. Mirrors & Mirrored Cabinets

Draw the eye upwards and save on precious floor space with floating fixtures such as a vertical radiator and towel rail, or a Pursuit wall mounted mirrored column. Mirrored detailing across your bathroom furniture will also automatically introduce light and make the most of even minimal spaces- taller, vertical mirrors such as the Eminence Pill Mirror or the Ultra Slim Mirror are especially effective.

Purpose Double Door Cabinet Lifestyle PU50 ALU

Reflect your style

Mirrored surfaces are not only practical, but capture & project light into darker corners to open up your bathroom space.

Frame 600 BU Dewent blue frame mirror lifestyle

6. 20 Minute Bathroom Makeover

You can make the most of corners and otherwise wasted wall spaces by taking just twenty minutes to put up some simple shelves or corner baskets. A concealed fixing system and a sleek chrome finish make our Halo collection an easy space saving solution. For an even quicker solution, simply clear out your bathroom of unsightly plastic and empty bottles. Minimise clutter and make a subtle style statement by using brown glass or old pharmacy bottles for beauty products, then be brutal and tidy everything else away!

Aruba Gloss Dark Clay fitted run with full height cloumn lifestyle

Clean Up

Minimising clutter in small bathrooms is one of the quickest and most effective space savers.

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