Zenith soft-closing toilet seat


The easy to operate quick release hinges on this thermoset plastic seat are pushed, allowing the seat to lift away, leaving clear access to clean hard to reach surfaces thoroughly. Chrome plated soft-closing hinges allow for controlled and quiet closure of the seat lid and ring. Top fix hinge system allows easy installation; conventional fixings are also supplied. The built-in anti-bacterial additive within the plastic helps maintain a bacteria free seat by impeding the spread of bacterial cultures. Lifetime guarantee against seat breakage and hinge corrosion. Contemporary wrap-around lid design with curve-sided cover for a subtle fully enclosed effect. Fits most toilet suites. Highly durable thermoset plastic for strength and longevity. UV protection to prevent discolouration. Extremely hardwearing impact resistant surface.


59.60 8702WSC


Simple wrap around design thermoset plastic seat with soft-closing hinges.

  • Soft-closing hinges
  • Quick release
  • Top-fix hinge for easy installation
  • Lifetime guarantee

Weight 2.5 kgs

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