Pursuit storage unit



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Already available in gloss white, alpine & charcoal elm, the welcome addition of gloss light grey into the range offers a truly sophisticated look. Pursuit is extremely flexible too – choose either the 600mm or 900mm basin unit or opt for two 600mm units side by side, united by a long solid surface worktop to create a luxurious statement 1200mm piece.

Goes with

  1. SSW6042 600mm solid surface worktop
  2. VCR1 Cell vessel basin
  3. PUR600LG Pursuit 600mm wall mounted unit
  4. RRBTWFLT.LG 570mm back to wall wc unit & worktop

£499.00 PURCMIR12LG


This cooordinating mirrored storage unit with its seamless chrome handle provides superb additional storage

  • Wall mounted storage
  • Three colour matched glass shelves
  • Seamless chrome handle

320(w) x 295(d) x 1200(h)

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