Oracle illuminated mirror


The slim depth Oracle mirror will brighten your bathroom with its LED illuminated frame giving it a beautiful halo effect. It has clever infrared dimmer switch technology meaning that you can adjust both the level of light intensity and warmth to suit your mood. The heated demister pad means foggy mirrors are a thing of the past.

Goes with

  1. EN600W Envy 600mm wall mounted unit (excludes basin)
  2. CYP6FW Cypher 600mm freestanding unit
  3. CYP600W Cypher 600mm wall mounted unit


£322.00 MLE510C


The simple yet sleek slimline Oracle mirror has a stunning halo light effect and is so versatile it can be mounted portrait or landscape to suit your basin choice

  • Dimmable LED illuminated frame
  • Vary the warmth of the lighting from 2700K-6000K
  • Heated demister pad
  • Ultra slim design

450(w) x 700(h) x 30mm(d)

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