Fever single mirror glass door cabinet


Fever features an in-built heated demister pad to ensure steamy mirrors are a thing of the past.

This sleek LED cabinet incorporates an infrared no-touch on/off switch, soft-close double sided mirror door, 2 adjustable glass shelves and a recharging socket for your toothbrush or shaver. A single square LED light completes the cutting edge design of this cabinet.

The infrared no-touch on/off switch is located on the right hand side of the cabinet near the bottom.

Important: When mounting cabinets with infrared, the sensor switch must be at least 150mm from an adjacent wall or obstruction to ensure the switch can function properly.


£610.00 AS251


This unique and stylish bathroom cabinet comes complete with an in-built heated demister pad

  • Soft close double sided mirror door
  • 2 adjustable glass shelves
  • Recharging socket
  • LED lighting

515(w) x 700(h) x 140mm(d)

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