700mm ultra slim mirror


Our ultra slim mirrors are the slimmest LED illuminated mirrors available. Featuring a heated demister pad that prevents the mirror from steaming up and an infrared on/off sensor to operate the lighting and demister pad. This stylish mirror can also be hung portrait or landscape. The 700mm Ultra Slim mirror  can be fitted on painted bathroom walls for an overall depth of 17mm or tiled in for a flush fitting finish. The flexible installation can accommodate any thickness of tile or wall cladding. For help with the installation of your new Ultra Slim Mirror please view our useful installation video

Goes with

  1. SCH6F.MLC Scheme 600 freestanding unit with double door
  2. PUR600LG Pursuit 600mm wall mounted unit
  3. ESVB45LG Esta 445mm Cloakroom Unit (Excludes Basin)


£340.00 US70ALC


A 700mm Ultra Slim mirror which can be tiled in for a flush fitting finish

  • Bright, practical, energy saving LED lighting
  • Ultra slim design
  • Vary the warmth of the lighting from 2700K-6000K
  • Heated demister pad

500(w) x 17(d) x 700(h)

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