On the Blog- Planning Structure, Colour & Style in your Bathroom

It’s easy to overlook the style potential of a bathroom when we consider how practical and necessary a space it occupies in the home. Bathroom trends over recent years however have seen the modest washroom elevated from a drab, functional room to a space where utility and flair meet. New finishes, bold colours, unexpected textures and innovative designs can now be integrated into your bathroom style with ease.


Whether you’re at the building stage of designing your bathroom or simply need a refresh, there are a few basic considerations to take into account that will inform the overall look you want to achieve.


The most important question that informs any room style is space- if your washroom is erring on the petite side it’s probably best not to build your design around an industrial sized cast iron bath! That in mind, there are plenty of ways to create a stylish bathroom when space is a premium.

Focal Point

What is the focal point of your bathroom? This is the design feature that will carry the theme for the rest of the room. For many the emphasis might be on a statement bath, while other bathrooms would do better to draw attention to a vanity unit. Don’t forget the basics though- a beautifully tiled floor or statement brassware can completely change the look and feel of your room.

Existing Features

Are there existing features in the room, such as cornices or sash windows, that might better suit a particular style of bathroom? While we’re all for blending styles- sometimes it’s easier to match your style to your existing architecture.

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