On the Blog – Design Ideas for Small Bathrooms

Few of us have the luxury of a large home, never mind a palatial bathroom. Fortunately, there are simple steps and clever styling tricks you can employ to create a soothing, tranquil bathroom that at least feels more spacious than it is!

White Bathrooms

It’s hardly surprising that white and neutral tones give the impression of a lighter, brighter space and the same applies to bathroom design. White needn’t be boring however- layer a white palette by mixing textures and materials through the colour. Elevate the modest white tile with an elegant herringbone pattern, stay contemporary with a sleek white System gloss unit or lightly sand and whitewash any darker wood features for a distinctly airy Scandi look.

Floating Units

A wall mounted or floating unit is a great way to create a more spacious feel to a smaller bathroom by opening up the floor space and creating the impression of a continuous line. Optimise on space by choosing a double drawer unit, such as our Scheme furniture range, which also features convenient in-drawer dividers.


Make a room look larger by keeping things consistent- tiling your floor and shower enclosure in the same pattern will help prevent your bathroom from looking disjointed and busy. If you miss the whimsy of a varied space, opt for a single accent colour that runs throughout your design.

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